Toshiba patents granted on 20 March 2012

53 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D656,263 Recessed lighting fixture
2 D656,262 Recess lighting fixture
3 D656,114 Television receiver
4 D656,110 Light-emitting diode
5 8,141,116 Time management apparatus and time management method
6 8,140,941 Data receiving apparatus, data receiving method, and computer-readable recording medium
7 8,140,916 Unit for predicting malfunction of an apparatus
8 8,140,844 Server apparatus, terminal device, and method for performing IP multicast communication
9 8,140,741 Semiconductor storage device and control method thereof
10 8,140,481 Medical image filing system and medical image filing method
11 8,140,194 Supply-and-demand control system of distributed and coordinated type, for use in power systems
12 8,140,015 Electronic apparatus and communication state notification function control method
13 8,139,818 Trajectory processing apparatus and method
14 8,139,603 Architecture for multiple MIH users
15 8,139,551 Quality of service (QoS) assurance system using data transmission control
16 8,139,506 Wireless communication apparatus for data communication through two or more channels
17 8,139,459 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
18 8,139,420 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
19 8,139,407 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including NAND-type flash memory and the like
20 8,139,405 Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive random access memory including the same
21 8,139,403 Spin memory and spin transistor
22 8,139,398 Data read/write device
23 8,139,396 Resistance change memory and control method thereof
24 8,139,394 Semiconductor storage device
25 8,139,375 Electronic apparatus
26 8,139,330 Semiconductor integrated circuit
27 8,139,322 Magnetic recording head with protruding spin torque oscillator
28 8,139,278 Optical beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
29 8,139,248 Information distribution system, its distribution center apparatus and user terminal apparatus, and information storage medium usable for the system
30 8,139,208 Ultrasonic detection system and method for the detection of transparent window security features in bank notes
31 8,138,807 Power-on detecting circuit and level converting circuit
32 8,138,800 Phase detecting circuit and PLL circuit
33 8,138,655 Electrostatic actuator with electrodes having varying distances at different portions
34 8,138,653 Rotating electric machine
35 8,138,650 Rotor core having bridges connection magnetic pole and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,138,553 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
37 8,138,552 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
38 8,138,533 Semiconductor device with an electrode as an alignment mark, and method of manufacturing the same
39 8,138,489 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
40 8,138,464 Optical receiving circuit
41 8,138,097 Method for processing semiconductor structure and device based on the same
42 8,138,059 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
43 8,138,043 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
44 8,138,031 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
45 8,137,894 Storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
46 8,137,843 Negative electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte battery, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack, and vehicle
47 8,137,542 Water treatment system
48 8,137,513 Sulfuric acid electrolytic cell and a sulfuric acid recycle type cleaning system applying the sulfuric acid electrolytic cell
49 8,137,421 Hydrogen generation device, a fuel cell system, and an analysis system
50 8,137,339 Working mechanism and manipulator
51 8,137,140 Electronic apparatus and connector
52 8,137,038 Machining method, program, machining-program generating program and machining apparatus of press die
53 8,136,920 Nozzle plate, method for manufacturing nozzle plate, droplet discharge head, and droplet discharge apparatus