Toshiba patents granted on 20 May 2008

32 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D569,543 Lens for light
2 D569,542 Lens for light
3 7,376,963 Broadcasting system, broadcasting apparatus, broadcasting method and receiving apparatus
4 7,376,956 System for performing multiple functions in parallel time
5 7,376,797 Cache memory system and method using reference bits
6 7,376,382 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
7 7,376,372 Image forming apparatus and method for forming image
8 7,376,330 Encoded data recording apparatus and mobile terminal
9 7,376,257 Apparatus for processing a sheet
10 7,376,187 Moving picture coding and/or decoding systems, and variable-length coding and/or decoding system
11 7,376,031 Semiconductor memory device and method for driving semiconductor memory device
12 7,376,023 Semiconductor memory device with MOS transistors each having floating gate and control gate and method of controlling the same
13 7,376,012 Memory system and data writing method
14 7,376,010 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having protection function for each memory block
15 7,376,009 Semiconductor memory device which stores plural data in a cell
16 7,376,003 Magnetic random access memory
17 7,375,866 Image processing system and method for screening
18 7,375,783 Liquid crystal display
19 7,375,762 Frame interpolation method and apparatus, and image display system
20 7,375,589 Power amplifier system provided with improved protection function
21 7,375,544 Semiconductor apparatus having logic level decision circuit and inter-semiconductor apparatus signal transmission system
22 7,375,463 Optical device and organic EL display
23 7,375,460 Electron emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
24 7,375,430 Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
25 7,375,405 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, and magnetic storage system using a giant magnetoresistance effect element
26 7,375,403 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,375,327 Method and device for measuring quantity of wear
28 7,375,145 Inkjet ink
29 7,374,995 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
30 7,374,832 Direct methanol fuel cell system, portable electronic appliance, and method of detecting an amount of liquid fuel remaining in direct methanol type fuel cell system
31 7,374,354 Armature, wire dot printer head and wire dot printer
32 7,373,777 Die drive unit of molding machine