Toshiba patents granted on 21 April 2009

42 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D590,873 Printer for a point of sales terminal
2 D590,626 Check out apparatus for a store
3 D590,625 Check out apparatus for a store
4 7,523,437 Pattern-producing method for semiconductor device
5 7,523,229 Memory protection during direct memory access
6 7,523,113 Distributed system, computer and state transition control method for distributed system
7 7,523,104 Apparatus and method for searching structured documents
8 7,522,854 Fixing device of image forming apparatus
9 7,522,668 Radio communication system and radio transmitter
10 7,522,645 Nitride-based semiconductor laser device
11 7,522,636 System for controlling a plurality of equipments
12 7,522,504 Signal quality evaluation method, information recording/reproducing system, and recording compensation method
13 7,522,462 Sense amplifier and semiconductor memory device with the same
14 7,522,452 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
15 7,522,445 Semiconductor memory
16 7,522,442 Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of chips and capability of outputting a busy signal
17 7,522,390 Magnetoresistive effect element, and magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus including the same
18 7,522,307 Color image processor
19 7,522,276 Pattern inspection method
20 7,522,222 Recording and reproducing apparatus, control method thereof, and remote control device
21 7,522,204 Solid-state imaging device and electronic still camera
22 7,522,149 Display device and information terminal device
23 7,522,109 Information equipment with a plurality of radio communication antennas
24 7,522,080 A/D converter, signal processor, and receiving device
25 7,521,999 Differential amplifier and sampling and holding circuit
26 7,521,858 Organic EL display and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,521,803 Semiconductor device having first and second dummy wirings varying in sizes/coverage ratios around a plug connecting part
28 7,521,787 Semiconductor device
29 7,521,752 Fin-type channel transistor and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,521,749 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including improved gate electrode
31 7,521,697 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and equipment for fabricating the same
32 7,521,678 Charged particle beam apparatus, charged particle beam focusing method, microstructure measuring method, microstructure inspecting method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and program
33 7,521,388 Wear resistant member comprised of silicon nitride and process for producing the same
34 7,521,352 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
35 7,521,350 Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
36 7,521,318 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,521,309 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
38 7,521,300 Semiconductor device substrate including a single-crystalline layer and method of manufacturing semiconductor device substrate
39 7,521,268 Method and apparatus for manufacturing display
40 7,521,263 Method of forming an insulating film, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
41 7,520,499 Waiting tray for sheet processing tray
42 7,520,428 Wireless tag communication control device