Toshiba patents granted on 21 March 2006

43 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,017,147 Computer readable medium, method, and system for supporting system development
2 7,017,101 Information storage medium, information recording method and information processing method
3 7,017,100 Signal processing method and apparatus, signal reproducing method and apparatus, and recording medium
4 7,016,934 Cooperate processing units using stored cooperation problem solving knowledge and receive information to perform problem solving
5 7,016,820 Semiconductor device analyzer, method for analyzing/manufacturing semiconductor device, and storage medium storing program for analyzing semiconductor device
6 7,016,706 Mobile radio terminal
7 7,016,700 Communication terminal unit capable of receiving a message and method for identifying a message sender in the same
8 7,016,624 Method for controlling an image forming device
9 7,016,622 Heating apparatus that supplies power to excitation circuits based on detecting predetermined temperature
10 7,016,602 Information recording medium, information recording method and apparatus, and information playback method and apparatus
11 7,016,600 Digital video system
12 7,016,396 Unitary bluetooth-enabled terminal having multiple radio interfaces
13 7,016,395 Method and apparatus for performing wireless communication using spread spectrum-frequency hopping
14 7,016,361 Virtual switch in a wide area network
15 7,016,353 Method and system for dynamically assigning IP addresses in wireless networks
16 7,016,324 System and method for dynamically allocating IP addresses for shared wireless and wireline networks based on priorities and guard bands
17 7,016,271 Optical recording/playback apparatus and optical recording medium
18 7,016,241 Semiconductor device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, system including a plurality of semiconductor devices or nonvolatile semiconductor memories, electric card including semiconductor device or nonvolatile semiconductor memory, and electric device with which this electric card can be used
19 7,016,230 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
20 7,016,228 Semiconductor storage device having page copying function
21 7,016,226 Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
22 7,016,216 Ferroelectric memory device having ferroelectric capacitor and method of reading out data therefrom
23 7,016,215 Ferroelectric memory device with a spare memory cell array
24 7,016,195 Cooling fluid pump and electric apparatus, such as personal computer, provided with the pump
25 7,016,169 Magnetoresistive head with first and second pairs of antiferromagnetic films imparting magnetic bias to first and second magnetization free layers and perpendicular magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
26 7,016,162 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing system having pillar electrodes
27 7,016,086 Image forming apparatus
28 7,015,952 Image processing apparatus and a method to compensate for shaking during image capture
29 7,015,770 High frequency switch
30 7,015,572 Three-dimensionally mounted semiconductor module and three-dimensionally mounted semiconductor system
31 7,015,566 Semiconductor wafer and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer
32 7,015,550 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
33 7,015,539 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,015,472 Infrared ray detecting type imaging device
35 7,015,121 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
36 7,015,049 Fence-free etching of iridium barrier having a steep taper angle
37 7,014,949 Battery pack and rechargeable vacuum cleaner
38 7,014,752 Water treatment control system for minimizing trihalomethane formation
39 7,014,529 Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
40 7,014,438 Fluid machinery
41 7,014,013 Guiding devices of elevator
42 D517,725 Lens for light-emitting device
43 D517,585 Camera for monitoring