Toshiba patents granted on 21 May 2013

57 US patents granted on 21 May 2013 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D683,026 Scanner for a magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus
2 D683,025 Scanner for a magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus
3 D683,024 Electromagnetic wave detector for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
4 8,448,081 Information processing apparatus
5 8,448,051 Memory system and method of data writing and reading in memory systems
6 8,448,050 Memory system and control method for the same
7 8,448,034 Semiconductor memory device
8 8,447,978 Wireless communication method using WPS
9 8,447,914 Memory system managing the number of times of erasing
10 8,447,896 Memory system having high data transfer efficiency and host controller
11 8,447,742 Storage apparatus which eliminates duplicated data in cooperation with host apparatus, storage system with the storage apparatus, and deduplication method for the system
12 8,447,709 Information terminal and control method for storing image pickup data of a sales floor, and totaling and displaying sales data
13 8,447,660 Article sales data processing apparatus and sales data editing method
14 8,447,582 Variation distribution simulation apparatus and method, and recording medium
15 8,447,558 Information processor and cooling performance determination method
16 8,447,185 Optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optically coupled insulating device
17 8,447,163 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
18 8,447,114 Method and apparatus for calculating pixel features of image data
19 8,447,090 Medical image processing apparatus and medical image diagnosis apparatus
20 8,446,965 Compression noise reduction apparatus, compression noise reduction method, and storage medium therefor
21 8,446,875 Media independent pre-authentication supporting fast-handoff in proxy MIPv6 environment
22 8,446,803 Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
23 8,446,782 Semiconductor memory device
24 8,446,780 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
25 8,446,777 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
26 8,446,774 Semiconductor memory device comprising memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate and method of erasing data thereof
27 8,446,771 NAND nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and write method for NAND nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
28 8,446,749 Resistance change memory device
29 8,446,698 Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head assembly, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
30 8,446,691 Magnetic recording device
31 8,446,687 Magnetic disk drive and method for controlling microactuator in magnetic disk drive
32 8,446,686 Information storage apparatus, servo pattern formation control apparatus, and recording medium
33 8,446,685 Servo frame interval correction apparatus, storage apparatus and servo frame interval correction method
34 8,446,612 Image forming apparatus comprising pattern adding function
35 8,446,610 Image forming apparatus, power-saving control method, and computer-readable recording medium in which power-saving control program is recorded
36 8,446,535 Method of manufacturing three dimensional image display device
37 8,446,506 Solid-state imaging device
38 8,446,504 Solid-state imaging device including a pixel driving circuit
39 8,446,496 Knee correction device and knee correction method
40 8,446,308 Apparatus for detection of a leading edge of a photo sensor output signal
41 8,446,302 Time to digital converter and all digital phase-locked-loop
42 8,446,231 High-frequency filter
43 8,446,082 Light-emitting device and illumination device
44 8,445,976 Micro movable device
45 8,445,950 Solid-state imaging device
46 8,445,916 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
47 8,445,810 Laser welding apparatus
48 8,445,360 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
49 8,445,349 Method of manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
50 8,445,341 Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the same
51 8,445,321 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
52 8,444,948 Graphite nano-carbon fiber and method of producing the same
53 8,444,889 Imprint pattern forming method
54 8,444,831 Method of generating ozone
55 8,444,563 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
56 8,444,331 Camera module
57 8,444,281 Optical device