Toshiba patents granted on 22 April 2008

33 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE40,252 Flash memory control method, flash memory system using the control method and flash memory device using the control method
2 RE40,250 Pulse width modulation circuit controlling output current of an inverter circuit for motor-driven blower or electric vacuum cleaner
3 7,363,571 Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the same method
4 7,363,429 System and method for caching directory data in a networked computer environment
5 7,363,335 Modular arithmetic apparatus and method selecting a base in the residue number system
6 7,363,276 Broadcast receiving method and apparatus and information distributing method and apparatus
7 7,363,255 Apparatus unit replacement assisting method and system
8 7,363,097 Automatic design apparatus, automatic design method, and automatic design program of digital circuit
9 7,362,995 Fixing device
10 7,362,953 Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
11 7,362,881 Obstacle detection system and method therefor
12 7,362,668 Method for correcting influence of thickness unevenness of recording medium, information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same method and optical head unit
13 7,362,646 Semiconductor memory device
14 7,362,623 Semiconductor memory device
15 7,362,587 Multi-chip package
16 7,362,470 Color image processing apparatus
17 7,362,469 System and method for calculating toner usage
18 7,362,386 Integrated structural screen panel for projection television
19 7,362,366 High-speed solid-state imaging device capable of suppressing image noise
20 7,362,159 Semiconductor integrated circuit
21 7,361,960 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
22 7,361,954 Power semiconductor device
23 7,361,951 Flash memory having memory section and peripheral circuit section
24 7,361,947 Photoelectric conversion element and display device including the same
25 7,361,933 Semiconductor device
26 7,361,899 Infrared sensor, infrared camera, method of driving infrared sensor, and method of driving infrared camera
27 7,361,848 Wiring board, magnetic disc apparatus, and manufacturing method of wiring board
28 7,361,627 Method of preparing oxide superconducting film
29 7,361,454 Method of forming contact hole and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
30 7,361,272 Anisotropic porous material
31 7,360,927 Electronic apparatus and lighting device
32 7,360,882 Ink-jet recording apparatus, method of removing air of ink-jet recording apparatus and removing air device
33 7,360,714 Label and RFID tag issuing apparatus