Toshiba patents granted on 22 February 2011

51 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE42,158 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
2 D633,061 Portion of a television receiver
3 D633,060 Controller for a large-sized image display apparatus
4 7,895,658 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
5 7,895,541 Semiconductor integrated circuit pattern verification method, photomask manufacturing method, semiconductor integrated circuit device manufacturing method, and program for implementing semiconductor integrated circuit pattern verification method
6 7,895,371 System and method for on demand logging of document processing device status data
7 7,895,369 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling semiconductor memory device
8 7,895,040 Device and method of modeling acoustic characteristics with HMM and collating the same with a voice characteristic vector sequence
9 7,895,010 Resolver angle detection device and method of detecting position with a resolver
10 7,894,804 Communication device and method for controlling
11 7,894,760 Disposed toner collecting device of image forming apparatus
12 7,894,742 Waste developer collecting method for image forming apparatus
13 7,894,735 Fixing device of image forming apparatus
14 7,894,636 Apparatus and method for performing facial recognition from arbitrary viewing angles by texturing a 3D model
15 7,894,628 Digital watermark embedding apparatus and digital watermark detection apparatus
16 7,894,624 Image processing method
17 7,894,411 Base station apparatus and termnal apparatus
18 7,894,317 Optical recording medium recording and reproducing apparatus and tracking control method
19 7,894,268 Semiconductor memory device and method of erasing data therein
20 7,894,262 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device having guaranteed and backup blocks
21 7,894,259 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with first and second write sequences controlled by a command or an address
22 7,894,246 Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
23 7,894,156 Determination of wedge offset correction values for a disk drive
24 7,894,155 Magnetic recording medium, method of fabricating the same, and magnetic recording apparatus
25 7,894,051 Reticle defect inspection apparatus and reticle defect inspection method
26 7,894,007 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,893,989 Camera unit for driving lenses and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,893,917 Image display apparatus and image display method
29 7,893,744 Semiconductor device
30 7,893,731 AC/DC input buffer
31 7,893,578 Electric motor with discrete circuit board and sensor case
32 7,893,575 Rotor with field coils in optimized flux space slots
33 7,893,536 Semiconductor device
34 7,893,525 Semiconductor device having an adhesive portion with a stacked structure and method for manufacturing the same
35 7,893,517 Semiconductor device with block layer and method of manufacturing the same
36 7,893,483 Neuron device
37 7,893,478 Semiconductor storage device and driving method thereof
38 7,893,477 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
39 7,893,404 Electromagnetic wave sensor, imaging element and imaging device
40 7,892,913 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
41 7,892,890 Semiconductor device having semiconductor chips stacked and mounted thereon and manufacturing method thereof
42 7,892,864 Charged particle beam irradiation method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
43 7,892,701 Fuel cell
44 7,892,694 Electrolytic membrane, process for producing the same, membrane electrode assembly, fuel cell and method of operating the same
45 7,892,680 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery module
46 7,892,674 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery module
47 7,892,161 Sheet folding apparatus, sheet folding unit and image forming apparatus
48 7,891,893 Printing apparatus including plural printheads and a drive mechanism for the platen rollers
49 7,891,828 Electronic device
50 7,891,566 Card and host device
51 7,891,079 Manufacturing apparatus of a head gimbal assembly and manufacturing method of a head gimbal assembly