Toshiba patents granted on 22 July 2008

37 US patents granted on 22 July 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,404,211 Systems and methods for protecting a server computer
2 7,404,111 Information recording medium on which sector data generated from ECC block is recorded, information recording apparatus for recording sector data, and information reproduction apparatus for reproducing sector data
3 7,404,034 Disk drive device, electronic apparatus and disk control method
4 7,404,031 Memory card, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, and method of controlling semiconductor memory
5 7,404,030 Method of controlling a non-volatile memory device in which a data erase block is larger than a data write block
6 7,403,794 Client terminal having a temporary connection establishing unit
7 7,403,776 Mobile communication terminal for transmission of electronic mail in a digital mode
8 7,403,721 Image forming apparatus, MFP and method of displaying jam removal guidance
9 7,403,697 Digital video system
10 7,403,695 Digital information recording/playback system and digital information recording medium
11 7,403,694 Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
12 7,403,634 Object tracking apparatus and method
13 7,403,545 Radio communication system and apparatus
14 7,403,463 Method and apparatus for filtering read signal to three or more cutoff frequencies with two or more bits control line throughout three or more consecutive periods
15 7,403,460 Information recording and reproducing apparatus, evaluation method, and information recording and reproducing medium
16 7,403,404 Power inverter system and method of correcting supply voltage of the same
17 7,403,308 Image forming apparatus
18 7,403,300 Wireless wide area network printing
19 7,403,143 Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
20 7,403,142 Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
21 7,402,939 Organic EL display
22 7,402,907 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
23 7,402,904 Semiconductor device having wires that vary in wiring pitch
24 7,402,903 Semiconductor device
25 7,402,888 Input protection circuit preventing electrostatic discharge damage of semiconductor integrated circuit
26 7,402,885 LOCOS on SOI and HOT semiconductor device and method for manufacturing
27 7,402,858 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,402,781 Induction heating cooler
29 7,402,759 Printed circuit board, magnetic disk device, and method for manufacturing the printed circuit board
30 7,402,521 Method for chemically mechanically polishing organic film, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and program therefor
31 7,402,499 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,402,495 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
33 7,402,444 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
34 7,402,363 Pattern forming method and system, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
35 7,402,289 Ozone generator
36 7,401,983 Method for manufacturing optical coupling part and optical coupling part
37 7,401,691 Conveyer apparatus having footsteps