Toshiba patents granted on 22 June 2010

46 US patents granted on 22 June 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D618,273 Controller of a cash register for a point of sales terminal
2 D618,189 Television receiver
3 D618,187 Television receiver
4 7,743,310 Communication apparatus, communication system, communication method, and communication control program
5 7,743,307 Defect information managing method, information recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and information reproducing apparatus
6 7,743,208 Storage apparatus and area allocation method
7 7,742,920 Variable voice rate apparatus and variable voice rate method
8 7,742,834 Management system of semiconductor fabrication apparatus, abnormality factor extraction method of semiconductor fabrication apparatus, and management method of the same
9 7,742,712 Transfer bias voltage controlling apparatus
10 7,742,533 OFDM signal transmission method and apparatus
11 7,742,517 Method for modulating a bit string, modulator, radio transmitter, and radio receiver
12 7,742,481 Multiplexer, multimedia communication apparatus and time stamp generation method
13 7,742,472 Signal processing apparatus and stream processing method
14 7,742,358 Power supply circuit and semiconductor memory
15 7,742,331 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data erase/write method thereof
16 7,742,295 Cooling device and electronic device
17 7,742,262 Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic memory
18 7,742,253 Storage device and control device
19 7,742,199 System and method for compressing and rotating image data
20 7,742,162 Mask defect inspection data generating method, mask defect inspection method and mask production method
21 7,742,150 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
22 7,742,141 Flat-panel display devices including markings and manufacturing method therefor
23 7,742,135 Liquid crystal display device capable of preventing reflectance and white balance value from shifting
24 7,742,046 Method, device, and program for producing elemental image array for three-dimensional image display
25 7,742,019 Drive method of el display apparatus
26 7,742,015 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,741,973 Drive control device
28 7,741,953 Wireless device, wireless control system and wireless control method
29 7,741,907 Class-F power amplifier circuit
30 7,741,847 Magnetic resonance apparatus with temperature controlled magnet shim pieces
31 7,741,767 Image display apparatus having first and second regions with respective luminances
32 7,741,688 Magnetic random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,741,649 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
34 7,741,220 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,741,159 Semiconductor device having channel with cooling fluid and manufacturing method thereof
36 7,740,994 Method for selecting photomask substrate, method for manufacturing photomask, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
37 7,740,961 Magnetic recording medium
38 7,740,939 Insulating magnetic metal particles and method for manufacturing insulating magnetic material
39 7,740,767 Method and apparatus for manufacturing patterned media
40 7,740,753 Ultraviolet radiation water treatment system
41 7,740,719 Cutter composed of Ni-Cr alloy
42 7,740,486 Printed circuit board connection
43 7,740,357 Deformable mirror device and apparatus for observing retina of eye using the same
44 7,740,239 Sheet processing apparatus
45 7,740,238 Sheet processing apparatus
46 7,740,237 Sheet post-processing apparatus