Toshiba patents granted on 22 September 2009

39 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D600,735 Data projector
2 D600,719 Digital video disc player
3 D600,690 Portable information terminal unit
4 7,594,216 Method and system for forming a mask pattern, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, system forming a mask pattern on data, cell library and method of forming a photomask
5 7,593,979 Electronic apparatus, network system, relay apparatus, and status control method
6 7,593,900 Host device, memory card, memory capacity changing method, memory capacity changing program and memory capacity charge giving/receiving method
7 7,593,304 Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing hologram, and spatial light modulator therefor
8 7,593,303 Method of determining recording area of multi-layer optical disc, and recording and playback apparatus
9 7,593,276 Semiconductor memory device
10 7,593,274 Semiconductor integrated circuit and relief method and test method of the same
11 7,593,267 Method of writing data to a semiconductor memory device
12 7,593,260 Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
13 7,593,232 Electronic apparatus and circuit board unit
14 7,593,224 Electronic apparatus having a hinge to reverse a display unit against main body
15 7,593,213 Capacitor arrangement support system, capacitor arrangement method and program
16 7,593,195 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
17 7,593,193 Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory device
18 7,593,137 Image processing method, image printing method, image printing mechanism and printed matter
19 7,593,127 Image forming apparatus and data overwriting method
20 7,593,102 Polarization evaluation mask, polarization evaluation method, and polarization determination device
21 7,593,049 CMOS image sensor
22 7,593,037 Imaging device and method for capturing image
23 7,592,981 Circuit for driving self-luminous display device and method for driving the same
24 7,592,942 Circuit and method for A/D conversion processing and demodulation device
25 7,592,812 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and static magnetic field correction method
26 7,592,742 Fluorescent lamp, bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp, and lighting apparatus
27 7,592,732 Rotary electro-dynamic machine and armature winding thereof
28 7,592,701 Electrode structure, part mounting structure and liquid crystal display unit equipped with the part mounting structure
29 7,592,667 Semiconductor device including nonvolatile memory and method for fabricating the same
30 7,592,666 Semiconductor memory
31 7,592,662 Semiconductor device and semiconductor system
32 7,592,653 Stress relaxation for top of transistor gate
33 7,592,646 Semiconductor device with a SiGe layer having uniaxial lattice strain
34 7,592,641 Semiconductor device, method for fabricating an electrode, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
35 7,592,586 Mapping-projection-type electron beam apparatus for inspecting sample by using electrons reflected from the sample
36 7,592,189 MRAM and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,591,587 Method for controlling X-ray diagnostic apparatus
38 7,591,455 Sheet finishing apparatus
39 7,591,293 Device for bonding a metal on a surface of a substrate