Toshiba patents granted on 23 August 2016

49 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE46,123 Solid-state image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
2 RE46,122 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
3 RE46,121 Magnetic head and head gimbal assembly maintaining stable flying height in a disk drive
4 D764,424 Substrate for an electronic circuit
5 9,426,467 Image decoding method using a vertical inverse transform matrix and a horizontal inverse transform matrix
6 9,426,443 Image processing system, terminal device, and image processing method
7 9,426,320 Image processing apparatus having a power supply source selector
8 9,426,131 Server apparatus and program to re-encrypt ciphertext data
9 9,425,809 Local oscillator
10 9,425,806 Phase estimating device, signal generating device, synchronizing system, and signal processing device
11 9,425,801 Programmable logic circuit and nonvolatile FPGA
12 9,425,615 Inrush current suppression apparatus
13 9,425,606 Electric distribution network with ad hoc communication function
14 9,425,432 Organic electroluminescent element and light emitting device with optical path control layer
15 9,425,431 Organic electroluminescent element and light emitting device with light extraction portions
16 9,425,394 Doped oxide dielectrics for resistive random access memory cells
17 9,425,388 Magnetic element and method of manufacturing the same
18 9,425,350 Photocoupler and light emitting element
19 9,425,307 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
20 9,425,211 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
21 9,425,207 Memory device with different memory film diameters in the same laminate level
22 9,425,205 Semiconductor memory device
23 9,424,929 Memory system and memory control method
24 9,424,927 Memory system, control system and method of predicting lifetime
25 9,424,919 Semiconductor storage device
26 9,424,915 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
27 9,424,913 High-speed readable semiconductor storage device
28 9,424,906 Timing controller with delay time units for a semiconductor storage device
29 9,424,601 Method, computer program product, and system for providing a sensor-based environment
30 9,424,477 Handwritten character retrieval apparatus and method
31 9,424,361 Information communication method and information communication apparatus
32 9,424,126 Memory controller
33 9,423,979 Memory system and memory controller for determining whether one or plurality of pointers can be stored in a second buffer and for executing data transfer between data buffer and host using the pointers
34 9,423,852 Selecting a startup condition of an electronic device corresponding to available power
35 9,423,733 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
36 9,423,623 Gradient index liquid crystal optical device and image display device
37 9,423,510 Scintillation detector for improved PET performance
38 9,423,470 Magnetic polarity determination device, permanent magnet synchronous motor control device, and magnetic polarity determination method
39 9,423,361 Inner image generating apparatus and method thereof
40 9,423,356 Illumination apparatus and inspection apparatus
41 9,423,347 Automatic analyzing apparatus
42 9,423,286 Liquid level sensing apparatus and method
43 9,423,185 Heat transfer device
44 9,422,940 Sensorless control method for a multipump system
45 9,422,831 Condenser
46 9,422,150 Pressure sensor
47 9,421,788 Liquid circulation device and liquid discharging apparatus
48 9,421,768 Inkjet printer head
49 9,420,985 X-ray diagnostic apparatus and dose distribution generation method