Toshiba patents granted on 23 July 2013

50 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,495,706 Television apparatus, display control device, and display control method
2 8,495,651 Method and system for performing real-time operation including plural chained tasks using plural processors
3 8,495,561 Apparatus and method for designing a system specification for testability
4 8,495,468 Data storage apparatus and data writing/reading method
5 8,495,445 Radio communication apparatus and method
6 8,495,410 Sampling phase correcting host controller, semiconductor device and method
7 8,495,409 Host controller, semiconductor device and method for setting sampling phase
8 8,495,365 Content processing apparatus and encryption processing method
9 8,495,336 Controller, data storage device, and program product
10 8,495,278 Controller which controls operation of nonvolatile semiconductor memory and semiconductor memory device including nonvolatile semiconductor memory and controller therefore
11 8,494,856 Speech synthesizer, speech synthesizing method and program product
12 8,494,684 Substation automatic control system
13 8,494,671 Grinding machine having the function of measuring distance
14 8,494,347 Electronic apparatus and movie playback method
15 8,494,214 Dynamically learning attributes of a point of sale operator
16 8,494,111 System and method for image reconstruction for helical cone beam computed tomography with factorized redundancy weighting
17 8,494,089 Wireless transmitting and receiving device and method
18 8,493,814 Semiconductor memory device using only single-channel transistor to apply voltage to selected word line
19 8,493,800 Three dimensional semiconductor storage device having write drivers under a three dimensional memory cell array
20 8,493,796 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
21 8,493,788 Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
22 8,493,786 Semiconductor device for short-circuiting output terminals of two or more voltage generator circuits at read time and control method for the same
23 8,493,770 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device with concurrent read operation
24 8,493,762 Power semiconductor module and semiconductor power converter provided with the same
25 8,493,737 Pressing member, pressing structure for heat receiving block of substrate, and electronic device
26 8,493,717 Electronic device
27 8,493,508 Image processor and image processing method
28 8,493,504 Camera module
29 8,493,094 Trigger signal detection apparatus
30 8,492,992 LED lighting device and illumination apparatus
31 8,492,885 Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method thereof
32 8,492,830 Multiple channel fin-FET and its manufacturing method
33 8,492,825 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
34 8,492,824 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
35 8,492,793 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,492,763 Semiconductor device including an edge seal and plural pad pieces
37 8,492,276 Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion and chemical mechanical polishing method
38 8,492,219 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
39 8,491,817 Luminescent material and light-emitting device
40 8,491,476 Ultrasound imaging apparatus and method for generating ultrasound image
41 8,491,475 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic diagnostic method, and imaging processing program for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
42 8,491,208 Printer
43 8,491,207 Page turning apparatus, booklet page turning method and booklet printer including the page turning apparatus
44 8,491,163 Lighting apparatus
45 8,491,108 Ink jet recording apparatus
46 8,490,959 Sheet processing apparatus, image forming system and sheet processing method
47 8,490,931 Display apparatus
48 8,490,650 Coupler for transferring a liquid or other material between containers
49 8,490,571 Coater, method for manufacturing coated article, and fluid blowing unit
50 8,490,437 Drum type washing-drying machine