Toshiba patents granted on 23 June 2009

30 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D594,877 Video disk player
2 D594,863 Mobile information terminal
3 D594,830 Television set with a digital video disk player
4 7,552,306 System and method for the sub-allocation of shared memory
5 7,552,076 System for evaluating price risk of financial product or its financial derivative, dealing system and recorded medium
6 7,551,947 Communication terminal having entry data secret function and incoming call notification control method of the same
7 7,551,884 Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
8 7,551,767 Pattern inspection apparatus
9 7,551,721 X-ray diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and program
10 7,551,548 OFDM demodulation apparatus, method and computer readable medium
11 7,551,533 Optical disk, optical disk drive and method of playing back an optical disk
12 7,551,507 Power supply circuit and semiconductor memory
13 7,551,485 Semiconductor memory device
14 7,551,478 Apparatus, method and computer program product for reading information stored in storage medium
15 7,551,472 Ferroelectric semiconductor memory device
16 7,551,431 Electronic device with rotatable display panel
17 7,551,242 Sintered electrode for cold cathode tube, cold cathode tube comprising this sintered electrode for cold cathode tube, and liquid crystal display device
18 7,551,237 Television receiver having dual power circuits
19 7,551,211 Apparatus and method for processing a photographic image using a stencil
20 7,551,019 Semiconductor integrated circuit and source voltage/substrate bias control circuit
21 7,550,904 Thin-film piezoelectric resonator and filter circuit
22 7,550,838 Semiconductor device
23 7,550,801 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
24 7,550,792 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,550,779 Light emitting device with filled tetrahedral (FT) semiconductor in the active layer
26 7,550,368 Group-III nitride semiconductor stack, method of manufacturing the same, and group-III nitride semiconductor device
27 7,550,355 Low-leakage transistor and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,550,342 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,549,589 Card processing system
30 7,549,580 Card and host device