Toshiba patents granted on 23 June 2015

55 US patents granted on 23 June 2015 and assigned to Toshiba

1 9,066,407 Power source unit for LED lamps, and LED lamp system
2 9,066,245 Wireless communication apparatus and interference detection method
3 9,066,105 Image processing device, image processing system and method for having computer perform image processing based on sub-block coding unit
4 9,066,081 Video encoding/ decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation prediction
5 9,065,948 Flexible shading member for performing shading correction and movable relative to first and second image reading sections
6 9,065,881 Image relay apparatus and image relay method
7 9,065,692 Information notification apparatus, method, and program product
8 9,065,684 IP phone terminal, server, authenticating apparatus, communication system, communication method, and recording medium
9 9,065,639 Device for generating encryption key, method thereof and computer readable medium
10 9,065,388 Optical receiving circuit
11 9,065,338 Multi-phase DC-DC converter supplying power to load with plural power stages and information processing device including the same
12 9,065,229 USB plural protocol connector system
13 9,065,064 Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of functional element
14 9,065,040 Controlling composition of multiple oxides in resistive switching layers using atomic layer deposition
15 9,065,004 Semiconductor light emitting element
16 9,065,003 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor wafer
17 9,064,997 Semiconductor light emitting device, nitride semiconductor layer growth substrate, and nitride semiconductor wafer
18 9,064,975 Shift register memory and method of manufacturing the same
19 9,064,969 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
20 9,064,902 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
21 9,064,843 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
22 9,064,792 Semiconductor storage device
23 9,064,780 Semiconductor device
24 9,064,779 Semiconductor rectifier
25 9,064,767 Solid state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
26 9,064,766 Solid-state imaging device
27 9,064,735 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
28 9,064,598 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
29 9,064,590 Driving method of semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device
30 9,064,586 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device having controller configured to perform preliminary erase operation
31 9,064,579 Semiconductor memory apparatus, data transmission device, and recording method
32 9,064,526 Magnetic disk apparatus and off-track detection method
33 9,064,522 Stamper and method of manufacturing bit patterned medium using stamper
34 9,064,510 Suspension assembly, head suspension assembly and disk device with the same
35 9,064,506 Writable information recording and reproducing apparatus
36 9,064,439 Display control apparatus, display control method, and computer program product
37 9,064,340 Drawing apparatus, drawing method, and drawing program
38 9,064,310 Position estimation device, position estimation method, and computer program product
39 9,064,156 Pattern discriminating apparatus
40 9,064,108 Storage device, storage system, and authentication method
41 9,063,915 Multiprocessor with a plurality of debug modules and debug ring units connected to generate a ring
42 9,063,903 Memory system provided with NAND flash memory and method including simultaneously writing data to first and second memory arrays
43 9,063,877 Storage system, storage controller, and method for managing mapping between local address and physical address
44 9,063,527 Scheduling device and method therefor
45 9,063,520 Apparatus for inserting delay, nuclear medicine imaging apparatus, method for inserting delay, and method of calibration
46 9,063,492 Fuser to prevent fluttering of fixing belt
47 9,063,483 Image forming apparatus
48 9,063,458 Toner container
49 9,063,444 Developing agent and method of manufacturing the same
50 9,062,998 Method for determining a size of an electronic apparatus used for an external apparatus, and electronic apparatus
51 9,062,963 Thickness measurement system and thickness measurement method
52 9,062,878 Corrosion-resistant structure for high-temperature water system and corrosion-preventing method thereof
53 9,061,898 Memory device
54 9,061,519 Printer apparatus and printing method
55 9,060,686 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image processing method