Toshiba patents granted on 23 May 2006

37 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,051,248 Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus for transmission/storage of information
2 7,051,247 Coding system and decoding system
3 7,051,142 Electronic device with card interface
4 7,051,076 Automatically creating mailing address directory in an image communication apparatus
5 7,050,942 Object state classification method and system, and program therefor
6 7,050,839 Mobile communication terminal including automatic frequency control function
7 7,050,702 Information recording method and information reproducing method
8 7,050,608 Face image recognition apparatus
9 7,050,499 Video encoding apparatus and method and video encoding mode converting apparatus and method
10 7,050,477 Semiconductor laser apparatus
11 7,050,370 Digital audio recording medium and reproducing apparatus thereof
12 7,050,346 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same
13 7,050,339 Semiconductor device having switch circuit to supply voltage
14 7,050,338 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having memory cells divided into groups
15 7,050,325 Magnetic random access memory
16 7,050,204 Optical reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
17 7,050,203 Composite apparatus and method for controlling entering of the sleep state
18 7,050,199 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
19 7,050,125 Transferring TFT method with adhesive layer
20 7,050,070 Image editing method and image editing apparatus
21 7,050,031 Liquid crystal display and driving method of the same
22 7,049,993 Analog-to-digital converter and microcomputer in which the same is installed
23 7,049,977 Antenna unit and card processing system
24 7,049,701 Semiconductor device using insulating film of low dielectric constant as interlayer insulating film
25 7,049,675 High withstand voltage semiconductor device
26 7,049,661 Semiconductor device having epitaxial layer
27 7,049,658 Power semiconductor device
28 7,049,657 Semiconductor device having a trench-gate structure
29 7,049,653 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having element isolating region of trench type
30 7,049,650 Semiconductor device
31 7,049,532 Electric contacts, electric contact apparatus and method for detecting abrasion of the electric contacts
32 7,049,223 Paste including a mixture of powders, connection plug, burying method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
33 7,049,222 Semiconductor device having silicide film formed in a part of source-drain diffusion layers and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,049,186 Insulated gate type semiconductor device having a diffusion region contacting bottom and side portions of trenches
35 7,048,796 Silicon single crystal wafer fabricating method and silicon single crystal wafer
36 7,048,509 Axial flow turbine
37 7,048,455 Wire dot printer head with abrasion having magnetic permeability and hardness surface