Toshiba patents granted on 24 February 2015

63 US patents granted on 24 February 2015 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,966,351 Encoding apparatus, encoding method and semiconductor memory system
2 8,966,168 Memory and method for storing integrated serial data as divided data in parallel memories, performing read control based on a number of valid memories, and controlling integration of the divided data
3 8,965,769 Markup assistance apparatus, method and program
4 8,965,712 Life predicting method for solder joint, life predicting apparatus for solder joint and electronic device
5 8,965,551 Defect analyzing method and defect analyzing apparatus
6 8,965,540 Electronic apparatus and data output method
7 8,965,451 Information processing terminal device
8 8,965,149 Optoelectronic integrated package module and method of manufacturing the same
9 8,965,144 Method and system utilizing parameter-less filter for substantially reducing streak and or noise in computer tomography (CT) images
10 8,965,113 Recognition apparatus, method, and computer program product
11 8,965,095 Noise balance pre-reconstruction data decomposition in spectral CT
12 8,965,085 Image processing apparatus and X-ray diagnosis apparatus
13 8,965,074 Image processing apparatus
14 8,965,072 Image display apparatus and image display system
15 8,965,061 Person retrieval apparatus
16 8,964,933 X-ray computed tomography apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, X-ray computed tomography method, and medical image processing method
17 8,964,459 Magnetoresistive element and writing method of magnetic memory
18 8,964,447 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
19 8,964,431 Power conversion system
20 8,964,425 Power converter with controlled current source to reduce harmonic distortion
21 8,964,367 Electronic device and image display apparatus
22 8,964,326 Disk storage apparatus and method for regulating head flying height before seek operation
23 8,964,325 Magnetic disk device and method for read/write offset error correction
24 8,964,196 System for connecting to next generation networks
25 8,964,137 Image display device
26 8,964,071 Solid-state imaging device, camera module, and imaging method having first and second green pixel cells
27 8,964,069 Image processing device and solid-state imaging device including a defect correcting function
28 8,964,006 Three-dimensional display apparatus and three-dimensional video display method
29 8,964,005 Apparatus and method for displaying obliquely positioned thumbnails on a 3D image display apparatus
30 8,963,973 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
31 8,963,972 Decoloring system and control method of decoloring system
32 8,963,875 Touch screen device with wet detection and control method thereof
33 8,963,766 Target tracking system and method using data of angle sensors
34 8,963,747 Decoding apparatus, encoding apparatus, decoding method, and encoding method
35 8,963,600 Apparatus for programmable insertion delay to delay chain-based time to digital circuits
36 8,963,547 Determination of shim coil current value for shimming in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
37 8,963,522 Current-direction detecting circuit and DC-DC converter
38 8,963,461 Motor control device
39 8,963,439 Power supply for lighting and luminaire
40 8,963,432 Lighting system, control method therefor and lighting control device
41 8,963,414 Organic electroluminescent device, lighting apparatus, and method for manufacturing the organic electroluminescent device
42 8,963,319 Semiconductor chip with through hole vias
43 8,963,267 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
44 8,963,242 Power semiconductor device
45 8,963,232 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
46 8,963,230 Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method of semiconductor storage device
47 8,963,204 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
48 8,963,203 Nitride semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
49 8,963,194 Light emitting device
50 8,963,192 Semiconductor light emitting device
51 8,963,190 Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus
52 8,963,189 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
53 8,963,177 Semiconductor light emitting element and semiconductor light emitting device
54 8,963,176 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing same
55 8,963,115 Memory device and method of manufacturing memory device
56 8,963,039 Gas circuit breaker
57 8,962,081 Template forming method
58 8,961,696 Method and device for cleaning semiconductor substrate
59 8,961,424 Ultrasound image diagnosis apparatus
60 8,961,279 Air conditioning system
61 8,961,046 Paper discharge device and image forming apparatus having the same
62 8,960,831 Inkjet head and an inkjet recording device
63 8,960,006 Ultrasonic inspection apparatus, ultrasonic probe apparatus used for ultrasonic inspection apparatus, and ultrasonic inspection method