Toshiba patents granted on 24 January 2006

52 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 6,990,641 Integrated circuit design system and method using preprocessor which changes hardware description in accordance with configuration
2 6,990,599 Method and apparatus of clock control associated with read latency for a card device
3 6,990,572 Method for preventing a computer system from being started up in an unstable condition
4 6,990,490 Information management method and information management device
5 6,990,408 Image forming system and image forming apparatus
6 6,990,326 Image suppression filter circuit
7 6,990,318 Multi-carrier communication apparatus
8 6,990,306 Developing agent and image forming apparatus
9 6,990,303 Image forming apparatus equipped with fixing device
10 6,990,288 Digital video system
11 6,990,253 System and method for detecting obstacle
12 6,990,229 Image processing device and image processing method
13 6,990,225 Inspection method of photo mask for use in manufacturing semiconductor device
14 6,990,214 Traffic density analysis method based on encoded video
15 6,990,204 Interface security system and method
16 6,990,175 X-ray computed tomography apparatus
17 6,990,170 X-ray computed tomographic imaging apparatus
18 6,990,168 X-ray CT scanner and image processor
19 6,990,136 Laser beam transmission apparatus
20 6,990,040 Method for writing data to a semiconductor memory comprising a peripheral circuit section and a memory core section including a memory cell
21 6,990,028 Semiconductor memory with sense amplifier equalizer having transistors with gate oxide films of different thicknesses
22 6,990,026 Data processing apparatus and memory card
23 6,990,019 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory adapted to store a multi-valued data in a single memory cell
24 6,990,018 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device, electronic card using the same and electronic apparatus
25 6,990,013 Magnetic memory, and method for writing the same
26 6,990,007 Semiconductor memory device
27 6,990,004 Magnetic random access memory
28 6,990,003 Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of chips and capability of outputting a busy signal
29 6,989,985 Electronic apparatus having display unit rotatably connected to main unit
30 6,989,980 Semiconductor device having a protection circuit
31 6,989,977 Digital directional relay
32 6,989,915 Image reading apparatus for optically reading image information recorded on sheetlike recording medium
33 6,989,880 Liquid crystal display device
34 6,989,870 Video signal processing apparatus and method capable of converting an interlace video signal into a non-interlace video signal
35 6,989,868 Method of converting format of encoded video data and apparatus therefor
36 6,989,851 Light beam scanning apparatus
37 6,989,810 Liquid crystal display and data latch circuit
38 6,989,704 Delay circuit having function of filter circuit
39 6,989,672 Measurement and correction of gradient-induced cross-term magnetic fields in an EPI sequence
40 6,989,630 Electrode for election gun, method of manufacturing electrode for electron gun, and electron gun assembly
41 6,989,583 Semiconductor device
42 6,989,577 Semiconductor device having multiple insulation layers
43 6,989,568 Lateral high-breakdown-voltage transistor having drain contact region
44 6,989,564 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
45 6,989,560 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
46 6,989,316 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing
47 6,989,303 Nonvolatile semiconductor device with floating gate structure
48 6,989,281 Cleaning method for a semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
49 6,989,222 Liquid developer, method of manufacturing the liquid developer, and image forming method and apparatus
50 6,989,073 Semiconductor device manufacturing system for etching a semiconductor by plasma discharge
51 6,988,592 Door and door hanger device at elevator landing
52 6,988,537 Cooling unit having a plurality of heat-radiating fins, and electronic apparatus with the cooling unit