Toshiba patents granted on 24 July 2007

37 US patents granted on 24 July 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,249,305 Signal processing method and apparatus, signal reproducing method and apparatus, and recording medium
2 7,249,296 Semiconductor integrated circuit
3 7,249,226 Semiconductor system and memory sharing method
4 7,249,171 Service control system and computer program
5 7,249,061 Method of electronic commerce including receiving an acceptance signal indicating a change in a transaction available period based on a time adjustment day
6 7,248,846 Feedforward amplifier and radio communication apparatus with the amplifier
7 7,248,808 Heating apparatus, heating apparatus control method and noncontact thermal sensing device
8 7,248,783 Recording medium, playback apparatus and recording/playback apparatus thereof
9 7,248,690 Voice signal clipping circuit and telephone set therewith
10 7,248,671 X-ray diagnosis apparatus
11 7,248,666 X-ray computed tomography apparatus
12 7,248,541 Optical disk device and access method for optical disk device
13 7,248,538 Semiconductor memory device
14 7,248,520 Semiconductor memory and data read method of the same
15 7,248,502 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
16 7,248,497 Spin-injection FET
17 7,248,493 Memory system having improved random write performance
18 7,248,448 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic storage system
19 7,248,349 Exposure method for correcting a focal point, and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
20 7,248,303 Information processing apparatus capable of displaying moving image data in full screen mode and display control method
21 7,248,245 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof, and drive control method of lighting unit
22 7,248,100 Semiconductor device including current mirror circuit
23 7,248,034 Time limit function utilization apparatus
24 7,247,921 Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing same, and method of detecting defects in semiconductor apparatus
25 7,247,916 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and manufacturing method for the same
26 7,247,913 Semiconductor device having a Schottky source/drain transistor
27 7,247,888 Film forming ring and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
28 7,247,886 Organic EL light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,247,867 Ion implanter and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
30 7,247,583 Manufacturing method for strained silicon wafer
31 7,247,539 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
32 7,247,506 Method for producing magnetic memory device
33 7,247,505 Magnetic memory device having magnetic shield layer, and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,247,399 Electronic apparatus and method of controlling operation of the same
35 7,247,188 Particle producing method and particle producing apparatus
36 7,247,072 Method of manufacturing an image display apparatus by supplying current to seal the image display apparatus
37 7,246,943 X-ray diagnostic apparatus