Toshiba patents granted on 24 March 2015

80 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,990,841 Optical disc drive
2 8,990,577 Information processing apparatus and data protection method
3 8,990,571 Host device, semiconductor memory device, and authentication method
4 8,990,530 Storage system in which fictitious information is prevented
5 8,990,525 Virtual memory management apparatus
6 8,990,521 Information processing device and computer program product
7 8,990,482 Memory system and wireless communication method by memory system
8 8,990,480 Semiconductor memory device and computer program product
9 8,990,458 Controller, semiconductor storage device and method of controlling data writing
10 8,990,454 Memory system and wireless communication method by memory system
11 8,989,911 Power consumption management system, and power consumption manager, power consumption management method, power supply manager, and power supply management method, which are used for the power consumption management system
12 8,989,811 Wireless communication apparatus with physical layer processing module and MAC layer processing module and its communication method
13 8,989,663 Portable terminal system using a contactless communication unit to enable access to application programs
14 8,989,659 Wireless communication device, power transmitter, and IC card device
15 8,989,653 Power transmitter, power receiver and power transmission and reception system
16 8,989,525 Light deflecting element
17 8,989,498 System, information providing method and electronic device
18 8,989,496 Electronic apparatus and handwritten document processing method
19 8,989,473 Medical imaging apparatus and medical image diagnosis apparatus
20 8,989,458 Image diagnosis support system and image diagnosis support method
21 8,989,375 Video receiving apparatus and video receiving method
22 8,989,374 Cryptographic device for secure authentication
23 8,989,341 X-ray CT apparatus
24 8,988,933 Semiconductor memory device and driving method of the same
25 8,988,925 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in which polarities of voltages in forming operation and set operation are different from each other
26 8,988,920 Semiconductor memory device
27 8,988,906 Power conversion apparatus
28 8,988,868 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
29 8,988,865 Electronic apparatus
30 8,988,831 Head gimbal assembly and disk device with the same
31 8,988,816 Head amplifier and magnetic disk apparatus
32 8,988,814 Storage device, controller, and recording and reproducing method
33 8,988,805 Method for clipping hard drives while preserving full actuator arm movement
34 8,988,799 Magnetic disk device and control method of magnetic disk
35 8,988,743 Document detecting apparatus, image forming apparatus and document detecting method
36 8,988,714 Printer system and printer
37 8,988,600 Support, imaging apparatus, and connection method for an imaging apparatus
38 8,988,591 Solid-state imaging device, camera module, and focus adjustment method of camera module
39 8,988,484 Video processing apparatus and control method thereof
40 8,988,457 Multi image-output display mode apparatus and method
41 8,988,301 Core-shell magnetic material, method for producing core-shell magnetic material, device, and antenna device
42 8,988,292 Antenna device and electronic device including antenna device
43 8,988,268 Analog-digital converter and analog-digital conversion method
44 8,988,267 Signal processing device and signal processing method
45 8,988,262 Delay circuit and digital to time converter
46 8,988,138 Semiconductor device
47 8,988,065 Microprobe and microprobe manufacturing method
48 8,988,003 LED lighting device and lighting equipment
49 8,987,986 Fluorescent substance, light-emitting device and method for producing fluorescent substance
50 8,987,909 Method of manufacturing electronic component
51 8,987,865 Memory device having an integrated two-terminal current limiting resistor
52 8,987,829 Semiconductor device
53 8,987,814 Semiconductor device
54 8,987,812 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
55 8,987,809 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory element, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, and method for operating nonvolatile semiconductor memory element
56 8,987,807 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
57 8,987,804 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
58 8,987,764 Semiconductor light emitting device and light source unit
59 8,987,762 Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
60 8,987,747 Semiconductor device with silicon nitride films having different oxygen densities
61 8,987,712 Display device
62 8,987,697 Transition metal oxide bilayers
63 8,987,696 Resistance change memory and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,987,676 System and method for the detection of soiling in bank notes
65 8,987,653 Determining relative timing offset in different electronic pathways using internal signal
66 8,987,088 Method of manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
67 8,987,041 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
68 8,987,026 Semiconductor light emitting device
69 8,987,020 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing same
70 8,987,007 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a magnetic film using plasma etching
71 8,986,915 Toner, method for producing the same, cartridge storing the same, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
72 8,986,913 Method and apparatus for inspecting a mask substrate for defects, method of manufacturing a photomask, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
73 8,986,839 Metal-containing particle aggregate, metal-containing particle composite member, and method of manufacturing the aggregate and the composite member
74 8,986,575 Low-temperature curable conductive paste for plating and electric wiring using the same
75 8,986,541 Copper recovery apparatus
76 8,986,488 Pattern formation method and polymer alloy base material
77 8,985,736 Image forming apparatus having ink jet head and method for performing maintenance of the same
78 8,985,581 Decoloring device and function management method
79 8,985,568 Paper discharge device of image forming apparatus
80 8,984,757 Tracking apparatus