Toshiba patents granted on 24 October 2006

37 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,127,714 Data transfer request processing scheme for reducing mechanical actions in data storage system
2 7,127,702 Application development system and method
3 7,127,694 Computer implemented design system, a computer implemented design method, a reticle set, and an integrated circuit
4 7,127,616 Semiconductor integrated circuits, data transfer systems, and the method for data transfer
5 7,127,598 Semiconductor device comprising transition detecting circuit and method of activating the same
6 7,127,431 Information recording device and information reproducing device
7 7,127,268 Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
8 7,127,237 Communication terminal having caller identification information display function
9 7,127,210 Wireless communication apparatus
10 7,127,197 Image forming apparatus with stopper for preventing rotation of a developing unit
11 7,127,190 Charger cleaning device, charger cleaning method and image forming apparatus
12 7,127,155 Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
13 7,127,103 Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus and image processing method and image forming method
14 7,127,086 Image processing apparatus and method
15 7,127,035 Rotary anode type X-ray tube
16 7,126,968 Data compression system, data decompression system, supervisory control system and computer-readable storage medium
17 7,126,887 Information storage medium and information recording apparatus for storing video and audio signals distributed by digital broadcasting
18 7,126,855 Semiconductor device that enables simultaneous read and write/read operation
19 7,126,852 Semiconductor memory device having an error correcting code circuit
20 7,126,851 Method of transferring initially-setting data in a non-volatile semiconductor memory
21 7,126,849 Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
22 7,126,848 Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
23 7,126,843 Semiconductor memory device using magnetoresistive effect
24 7,126,795 Magnetic recording head, a magnetic reproducing head, a magnetic recording apparatus, and a magnetic reproducing apparatus
25 7,126,712 File based request queue handler
26 7,126,371 Multi-function IC card
27 7,126,292 Cathode-ray tube apparatus
28 7,126,178 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
29 7,126,128 Flat panel x-ray detector
30 7,126,106 Quantum computer and quantum computation method
31 7,126,054 Raw material kit for electrolytic composition, electrolytic composition, and dye-sensitized solar cell
32 7,125,822 Fuel cell catalyst and fuel cell
33 7,125,779 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,125,594 Write-once optical recording medium
35 7,125,584 Method for forming a liquid film on a substrate
36 7,125,508 Method of manufacturing a molded multilayer article
37 7,125,112 Liquid ink and recording apparatus