Toshiba patents granted on 25 December 2007

41 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D558,350 Portion of a monitor for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
2 D558,226 Digital audio player
3 D558,182 Telephone set
4 D558,181 Telephone set
5 7,313,781 Image data correction method, lithography simulation method, image data correction system, program, mask and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
6 7,313,742 Logic circuitry having self-test function
7 7,313,599 Process migration method computer and system
8 7,313,380 Variable resolution A/D converter
9 7,313,265 Stereo calibration apparatus and stereo image monitoring apparatus using the same
10 7,313,202 Asynchronous serial data receiver for packet transfer
11 7,313,132 Communication scheme with operations to supplement limitations of portable terminal device
12 7,313,086 OFDM receiver, semiconductor integrated circuit and OFDM method for receiving a signal
13 7,313,082 Sync frame structure, information storage medium, information recording method, information reproduction method, information reproduction apparatus
14 7,313,071 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
15 7,313,058 Optical disk device and method for controlling optical disk
16 7,313,038 Nonvolatile memory including a verify circuit
17 7,313,027 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and a method of word lines thereof
18 7,313,022 Non-volatile semiconductor memory
19 7,313,009 Pattern layout of word line transfer transistors in NAND flash memory which executes subblock erase
20 7,312,998 Heat radiating apparatus in electronic device and heat radiating method
21 7,312,986 Cooling device for an electronic apparatus
22 7,312,946 Method and apparatus for servo control in a disk drive
23 7,312,903 Scan job size
24 7,312,887 Internet print protocol print dispatch server
25 7,312,834 Image processor, semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for processing an image
26 7,312,621 Semiconductor test unit having low contact resistance with examined electronic products, semiconductor contact board, method for testing semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing thereof
27 7,312,594 Control system for synchronous machine
28 7,312,565 Color cathode ray tube apparatus
29 7,312,552 Rotary electro-dynamic machine and armature winding thereof
30 7,312,520 Interface module for connecting LSI packages, and LSI-incorporating apparatus
31 7,312,503 Semiconductor memory device including MOS transistors each having a floating gate and a control gate
32 7,312,498 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,312,488 Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method for the same
34 7,312,158 Method of forming pattern
35 7,312,138 Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
36 7,312,118 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,312,018 Film forming method, film forming apparatus, pattern forming method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus
38 7,311,371 Method for inkjet recording
39 7,311,326 Distance detecting apparatus, air bag system controlling apparatus, and method of detecting distance
40 7,311,255 Magnetic detection device
41 7,310,978 Drum-type washing machine with elastic oil damper