Toshiba patents granted on 26 August 2008

33 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,418,713 Component processing system and component processing method
2 7,418,705 Method and system for performing real-time operation
3 7,418,694 Method for generating test patterns utilized in manufacturing semiconductor device
4 7,418,687 Information processing apparatus and information display method
5 7,418,681 Simulation system, simulation method and simulation program for verifying logic behavior of a semiconductor integrated circuit
6 7,418,363 Micropattern measuring method, micropattern measuring apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium on which a micropattern measuring program is recorded
7 7,418,358 Dynamic voltage controller
8 7,418,195 Information reproducing apparatus
9 7,418,194 Data structure of stream data, and recording and playback method thereof
10 7,418,075 Subtle dynamic helical scan for uniform z-resolution and noise
11 7,418,044 Radio communication system, radio communication method, radio base station, and radio terminal station
12 7,418,039 Adaptive communication
13 7,417,890 Semiconductor memory device
14 7,417,886 Ferroelectric random access memory
15 7,417,842 Apparatus for power conversion in electric rolling stock
16 7,417,690 Video processing system and video processing method
17 7,417,628 Liquid crystal display apparatus
18 7,417,501 Variable inductor, oscillator including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this oscillator, and amplifier including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this amplifier
19 7,417,489 Semiconductor integrated circuit having controller controlling the change rate of power voltage
20 7,417,285 Semiconductor device having a trench capacitor and a MOSFET connected by a diffusion layer and manufacturing method thereof
21 7,417,281 Semiconductor device with a selection gate and a peripheral gate
22 7,417,274 Semiconductor device including direct contact between capacitor electrode and contact plug and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,417,074 Ink for ink jet and ink jet recording apparatus
24 7,416,987 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
25 7,416,967 Semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
26 7,416,955 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
27 7,416,942 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
28 7,416,935 Method of manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having adjacent selection transistors connected together
29 7,416,794 Magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus
30 7,416,441 Electronic apparatus
31 7,416,403 Die clamping unit
32 7,416,181 Image forming apparatus
33 7,416,180 Paper sheet separation and transfer apparatus