Toshiba patents granted on 26 January 2016

52 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D748,273 Activity monitor
2 9,247,078 Accessing a service cloud from a mobile device
3 9,246,805 Communication station, communication control program, and communication network system
4 9,246,709 Storage device in which forwarding-function-equipped memory nodes are mutually connected and data processing method
5 9,246,683 Re-encryption key generator, re-encryption apparatus, and program
6 9,246,632 Reception processing device
7 9,246,192 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
8 9,246,157 Sealed secondary battery and manufacturing method therefor
9 9,246,096 Atomic layer deposition of metal oxides for memory applications
10 9,246,091 ReRAM cells with diffusion-resistant metal silicon oxide layers
11 9,246,088 Semiconductor memory device having a variable resistance layer serving as a memory layer
12 9,246,085 Shaping ReRAM conductive filaments by controlling grain-boundary density
13 9,246,069 Semiconductor light emitting device
14 9,246,065 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
15 9,246,055 Crystal growth method and semiconductor light emitting device
16 9,246,014 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory element, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, and method for operating nonvolatile semiconductor memory element
17 9,246,005 Stressed channel bulk fin field effect transistor
18 9,245,969 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
19 9,245,928 Non-volatile memory device
20 9,245,866 Antenna device and wireless apparatus
21 9,245,853 Memory module
22 9,245,729 Discharge lamp and vehicle lamp
23 9,245,628 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
24 9,245,623 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
25 9,245,621 Semiconductor memory device executing a write operation with first and second voltage applications
26 9,245,607 Resistance-change semiconductor memory
27 9,245,574 Optical disc drive having a tray with guide supports and main circuit board
28 9,245,557 Head assembly and disk device provided with the same
29 9,245,552 Head gimbal assembly and disk device with the same
30 9,245,424 Store system and sales registration method
31 9,245,316 Image processing device, image processing method and non-transitory computer readable medium
32 9,245,264 Reading apparatus
33 9,245,210 Ink jet head and ink jet printing apparatus having the same
34 9,245,140 Secure data encryption in shared storage using namespaces
35 9,244,944 Method, electronic device, and computer program product
36 9,244,870 Semiconductor memory system with current consumption control
37 9,244,642 Information processing apparatus for printing special sheet or special design and method using the same
38 9,244,620 Storage device including flash memory and capable of predicting storage device performance based on performance parameters
39 9,244,567 Electronic apparatus, calibration method and storage medium
40 9,244,468 Smoothing device, smoothing system, and computer program product
41 9,244,398 Image forming apparatus
42 9,244,396 Image forming apparatus and conveyance speed control method of recording medium in image forming apparatus
43 9,244,365 Method for measuring pattern misalignment
44 9,244,343 Pattern forming method and mask pattern data
45 9,243,811 Predicted mean vote estimating device and computer program product
46 9,242,490 Bankbook printing apparatus and bankbook printing method
47 9,242,476 Method for temporally decoloring a part of image form on a sheet and coloring the decolored image again
48 9,242,374 Robotic control apparatus
49 9,242,283 Control apparatus of rolling mill
50 9,241,689 Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and imaging processing apparatus
51 9,241,678 Random estimation in positron emission tomography with tangential time-of-flight mask
52 9,241,645 Multiple MR fluid flow imaging at predetermined temporal resolution within selected period of cardiac cycle determined by multiple MR imaging at different temporal resolution