Toshiba patents granted on 27 May 2008

30 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D569,898 Cash register for a point of sales terminal
2 D569,848 Adapter for a digital audio player
3 7,380,196 Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the same method
4 7,380,194 Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus
5 7,380,134 Information recording/reproducing apparatus and method of executing encryption processing
6 7,380,127 Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
7 7,380,000 IP network information database in mobile devices for use with media independent information server for enhanced network
8 7,379,573 Method and apparatus for processing images using three-dimensional ROI
9 7,379,409 Information storage medium, information recording method, and information recording/reproduction apparatus
10 7,379,408 Disk apparatus and method using plural tap coefficient equalization
11 7,379,350 Semiconductor memory device operating using read only memory data
12 7,379,340 Sense amplifier circuit in non-volatile semiconductor memory comprising a boosting capacitor for boosting the potential at sense node
13 7,379,335 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and a method for programming NAND type flash memory
14 7,379,334 Memory card, semiconductor device, and method of controlling memory card
15 7,379,331 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory including redundant cell for replacing defective cell
16 7,379,324 Storage device
17 7,379,319 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
18 7,379,278 Magnetoresistance effect element, having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fluctuation of resistance
19 7,379,086 Polygon mirror unit having a seal member with slits positioned between a central portion and a peripheral portion
20 7,379,084 Image forming apparatus
21 7,379,009 AD converter and radio receiver
22 7,378,900 EMI filter
23 7,378,647 Lens-equipped light-emitting diode device having an integrally molded lens unit being laminated on a sealing portion
24 7,378,373 Erasable image forming material
25 7,378,344 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a silicide layer having an NiSi phase provided on source and drain regions
26 7,378,329 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
27 7,378,201 Method for repairing a photomask, method for inspecting a photomask, method for manufacturing a photomask, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
28 7,378,186 Flat non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
29 7,377,775 Heating apparatus
30 7,377,150 Analyzer