Toshiba patents granted on 27 May 2014

50 US patents granted on 27 May 2014 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,739,268 Security gateway system, method thereof, and program
2 8,739,193 Optical disc drive device and method of driving the same
3 8,739,192 Disc loading apparatus and optical disc drive including the apparatus
4 8,739,005 Error correction encoding apparatus, error correction decoding apparatus, nonvolatile semiconductor memory system, and parity check matrix generation method
5 8,738,867 Memory system
6 8,738,851 Device and memory system for swappable memory
7 8,738,371 User interactive apparatus and method, and computer program utilizing a direction detector with an electromagnetic transmitter for detecting viewing direction of a user wearing the transmitter
8 8,737,860 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
9 8,737,856 Image forming apparatus with control for test printing, and related image forming method and a computer-readable medium having computer-executable instructions
10 8,737,812 Content playback apparatus and content playback method
11 8,737,710 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method
12 8,737,518 Wireless communication apparatus and method
13 8,737,482 Information processing apparatus and inter-prediction mode determining method
14 8,737,134 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
15 8,737,122 Nonvolatile memory device
16 8,737,049 Electronic apparatus
17 8,736,994 Disk storage apparatus and write control method
18 8,736,763 Content processing apparatus and content synchronizing method
19 8,736,668 Electronic apparatus and image processing method
20 8,736,346 Level shift circuit
21 8,736,311 Semiconductor integrated circuit
22 8,736,304 Self-biased high speed level shifter circuit
23 8,736,266 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
24 8,736,153 Lamp apparatus and luminaire
25 8,735,999 Semiconductor device
26 8,735,989 Semiconductor device that includes main element having insulated gate bipolar transistor and sense element having resistor and insulated gate bipolar transistor
27 8,735,966 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
28 8,735,965 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
29 8,735,949 Junction type field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
30 8,735,943 Semiconductor device with recess having inclined sidewall and method for manufacturing the same
31 8,735,939 Solid state imaging device
32 8,735,925 Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
33 8,735,864 Nonvolatile memory device using a tunnel nitride as a current limiter element
34 8,735,861 Semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing same
35 8,735,859 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
36 8,735,821 Infrared imaging device and infrared imaging apparatus using it
37 8,735,246 Method for manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
38 8,735,217 Multifunctional electrode
39 8,735,196 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor light emitting device
40 8,735,181 Manufacturing system for semiconductor device capable of controlling variation in electrical property of element in wafer surface and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
41 8,734,995 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
42 8,734,340 Method, apparatus and system for providing healthcare support by message based communication to healthcare support terminals
43 8,734,165 Quick connection device for electrical appliance
44 8,733,899 Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
45 8,733,898 Ink jet head, nozzle plate thereof and printing method using the same
46 8,733,757 Sheet processing apparatus, sheet conveying path opening method, and erasing apparatus
47 8,733,753 Sheet processing device
48 8,733,654 Magnetoresistive detection system and method for detection of magnetic image of bank notes
49 8,733,644 Self-chechout apparatus
50 8,733,553 Sheet processing apparatus