Toshiba patents granted on 27 November 2007

43 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D556,128 Optical transmission conversion device
2 7,302,630 Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the same method
3 7,302,580 Digital combined apparatus, control method therefor, and digital combined apparatus system
4 7,302,573 Computer system and method for controlling output of reproduced video data
5 7,302,231 MIMO communication system
6 7,302,228 Wireless communication system
7 7,302,213 Toner container
8 7,302,161 Method of coordinately processing pieces of copy information and information recording/reproducing apparatus
9 7,302,091 Method and apparatus for determining defect detection sensitivity data, control method of defect detection apparatus, and method and apparatus for detecting defect of semiconductor devices
10 7,301,878 Information storage medium, information recording method, and information recording/reproduction apparatus
11 7,301,877 Reproduced signal evaluation method, information recording medium, information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method, and information recording method
12 7,301,858 Optical head device
13 7,301,834 Semiconductor memory
14 7,301,809 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
15 7,301,806 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device adapted to store a multi-valued in a single memory cell
16 7,301,771 Heat-receiving apparatus and electronic equipment
17 7,301,733 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
18 7,301,681 System and method for processing documents with four-line CCD sensor
19 7,301,678 Image reading device and gain setting method in image reading device
20 7,301,620 Inspecting apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and inspecting method
21 7,301,369 Programmable gate array apparatus and method for switching circuits
22 7,301,293 Electric motor car control apparatus
23 7,301,269 Image display apparatus provided with an ion pump assembly arranged within an external container
24 7,301,260 Bulk acoustic wave device and method of manufacturing the same
25 7,301,243 High-reliable semiconductor device using hermetic sealing of electrodes
26 7,301,240 Semiconductor device
27 7,301,205 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,301,202 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,301,195 Semiconductor memory device for storing data as state of majority carriers accumulated in channel body and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,301,161 Method of producing electron beam writing data, program of producing electron beam writing data, and electron beam writing apparatus
31 7,301,103 Printed-wiring board, printed-circuit board and electronic apparatus
32 7,300,884 Pattern forming method, underlayer film forming composition, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
33 7,300,838 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
34 7,300,832 Semiconductor manufacturing method using two-stage annealing
35 7,300,818 Method of and mechanism for peeling adhesive tape bonded to segmented semiconductor wafer
36 7,300,720 Hydrogen absorbing alloy and secondary battery
37 7,300,508 Ink composition for inkjet
38 7,300,373 Power transmission mechanism and manipulator
39 7,300,247 Axial flow turbine
40 7,300,213 Member holding optical transmission line and optical module
41 7,300,204 X-ray diagnostic apparatus
42 7,300,050 Image forming apparatus
43 7,300,045 Waiting tray for sheet processing tray