Toshiba patents granted on 27 November 2012

65 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 8,321,890 Device and terminal for inserting commercial image data in distribution content and method thereof
2 8,321,829 Interconnection design method, recording medium containing program and manufacturing method of interconnection substrate
3 8,321,743 Information storage medium and information storage medium processing apparatus
4 8,321,702 Information processing apparatus and power-saving setting method
5 8,321,697 Memory device, host device, memory system, memory device control method, host device control method and memory system control method
6 8,321,436 Method to raise accuracy of targeting the segmentation for sample distribution
7 8,321,421 Storage device having full-text search function
8 8,321,282 Article sales data processing apparatus and control method for the same
9 8,321,231 Method and apparatus for providing customized souvenir images
10 8,321,208 Speech processing and speech synthesis using a linear combination of bases at peak frequencies for spectral envelope information
11 8,321,195 Method and apparatus for improving word alignment quality in a multilingual corpus
12 8,321,157 Monitoring device and monitoring method
13 8,320,941 Mobile terminal and method for displaying data added location information
14 8,320,862 Receiver and receiving system
15 8,320,846 Amplifier
16 8,320,843 Radio-frequency switch circuit
17 8,320,831 Electronic device and communication control method
18 8,320,802 Toner cartridge and image forming apparatus having toner cartridge
19 8,320,737 Recording medium capable of interactive reproducing and reproduction system for the same
20 8,320,701 Picture processing apparatus and method
21 8,320,691 Image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image decoding method
22 8,320,658 Unevenness inspection method, method for manufacturing display panel, and unevenness inspection apparatus
23 8,320,631 Movement detection apparatus and movement detection method
24 8,320,624 Customer behavior collection method and customer behavior collection apparatus
25 8,320,607 Image processing method and image processing device for embedding invisible sub information into main images
26 8,320,520 X-ray CT apparatus and method of controlling thereof
27 8,320,514 Nuclear power plant, method of forming corrosion-resistant coating therefor, and method of operating nuclear power plant
28 8,320,466 Mixed video delivering apparatus and method, and computer storage medium
29 8,320,394 Radio communication system, terminal and packet
30 8,320,263 Mobile radio terminal
31 8,320,200 Semiconductor storage device and method of reading data therefrom
32 8,320,187 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and control method thereof
33 8,320,182 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
34 8,320,158 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
35 8,320,157 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
36 8,320,156 Semiconductor memory device
37 8,320,109 Television and electronic apparatus
38 8,320,082 Head with guide groove in center rail and ribs extending along air intake groove and disk device with the same
39 8,320,079 Magnetic head assembly and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
40 8,320,070 Magnetic disk drive and method for adjusting parameter in the same
41 8,320,066 Storage device and read/write processing method therefor
42 8,319,958 Phase modulator, phase modulator assembly, and photosensor
43 8,319,893 Video display control device for determining compatibility between the device and an externally connected instrument
44 8,319,873 Solid-state imaging device
45 8,319,808 Image forming apparatus
46 8,319,719 Liquid crystal display device
47 8,319,644 RFID system and RFID tag reading method
48 8,319,529 Drive circuit for a voltage control transistor
49 8,319,457 Energy recovery device in a variable-frequency drive
50 8,319,320 LED module
51 8,319,316 Depletion MOS transistor and enhancement MOS transistor
52 8,319,314 Semiconductor device
53 8,319,271 NAND-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
54 8,319,270 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
55 8,319,246 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
56 8,318,602 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
57 8,318,561 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,318,393 Optical-image-intensity calculating method, pattern generating method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
59 8,318,382 Fuel cell electrode containing proton conductive inorganic oxide
60 8,318,351 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery containing a negative electrode of lithium-titanium composite oxide, battery pack and vehicle
61 8,318,331 Magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording apparatus
62 8,318,074 Transfer apparatus having gimbal mechanism and transfer method using the transfer apparatus
63 8,317,535 Electronic apparatus and battery connector
64 8,317,180 Sheet finisher, image forming apparatus using the same, and sheet finishing method
65 8,317,091 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method