Toshiba patents granted on 27 September 2016

27 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D767,669 Adjustable display
2 9,456,316 Communication apparatus and communication method
3 9,455,845 Wireless communications apparatus
4 9,455,827 Communication apparatus, computer program product, and communication system
5 9,455,491 Wireless device
6 9,455,271 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device and method of layouting auxiliary pattern
7 9,455,269 Semiconductor memory device
8 9,455,257 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
9 9,455,053 SiC matrix fuel cladding tube with spark plasma sintered end plugs
10 9,455,024 Semiconductor memory device
11 9,454,963 Text to speech method and system using voice characteristic dependent weighting
12 9,454,830 Medical image-processing apparatus, X-ray CT apparatus, and a medical image-processing method
13 9,454,802 Electronic apparatus, method and storage medium
14 9,454,708 Recognition dictionary creation apparatus and method for creating recognition dictionary by the same
15 9,454,495 Memory system capable of prohibiting access to application software and system software
16 9,454,317 Tiered storage system, storage controller and method of substituting data transfer between tiers
17 9,454,160 Thermal recycling plant system, apparatus for controlling a thermal recycling plant and method of controlling a thermal recycling plant
18 9,454,123 Erasing apparatus and cooling method
19 9,454,122 Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming system
20 9,454,105 Image forming apparatus capable of removing an agglomerate of developing agent
21 9,453,819 Ultrasonic flaw detector and ultrasonic flaw detecting method
22 9,452,893 Article sorting apparatus
23 9,452,629 Image forming apparatus and erasing apparatus
24 9,452,628 Image decoloring apparatus
25 9,452,615 Image erasing apparatus and image forming apparatus having image erasing function
26 9,452,563 Transfer system and transfer method
27 9,451,930 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, and recording medium on which ultrasonic image processing program is recorded