Toshiba patents granted on 28 April 2009

47 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D591,276 Telephone line connection transponder
2 D591,275 Telephone line connection transponder
3 7,526,748 Design pattern data preparing method, mask pattern data preparing method, mask manufacturing method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and program recording medium
4 7,526,555 Smart card printing
5 7,526,462 Method and apparatus for generating time-series data from web pages
6 7,526,423 Apparatus and method for selecting a translation word of an original word by using a target language document database
7 7,526,408 Measurement system and method and computer program for processing measurement data
8 7,526,316 Mobile phone and mobile phone control method
9 7,526,259 Radio frequency circuit and communication system with power amplifier control
10 7,526,257 Mobile communication terminal and cell search circuit
11 7,526,216 Fixing device and fixing method
12 7,526,182 Editing apparatus and editing method
13 7,526,119 Pattern inspection apparatus
14 7,526,070 X-ray CT apparatus collimator, method of manufacturing the X-ray CT apparatus collimator, and X-ray CT apparatus
15 7,526,049 Data sampling circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
16 7,526,038 Communications system, method and device
17 7,525,871 Semiconductor integrated circuit
18 7,525,844 Semiconductor memory device with MOS transistors each having floating gate and control gate and method of controlling the same
19 7,525,839 Semiconductor memory device capable of correcting a read level properly
20 7,525,837 Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory
21 7,525,828 Semiconductor memory device and redundancy method thereof
22 7,525,810 Connector fixing structure and electronic apparatus
23 7,525,792 Electronic apparatus provided with housing having liquid proof structure
24 7,525,778 Semiconductor integrated circuit having protection elements for preventing MOS transistors from plasma damage
25 7,525,776 Magnetoresistive element, magnetoresistive head, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic memory
26 7,525,772 Magnetoresistive device, magnetic reproducing head, and magnetic information reproducing apparatus
27 7,525,758 Disk drive with non-magnetic cover and base plated with conductively connected magnetic shielding layers
28 7,525,755 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
29 7,525,745 Magnetic disk drive apparatus and method of controlling the same
30 7,525,693 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
31 7,525,613 Liquid crystal display device and display control method thereof
32 7,525,531 Method for manufacturing lighting device, image display, liquid crystal monitor, liquid crystal television, liquid crystal information terminal, and light guide plate
33 7,525,399 Thin-film piezoelectric resonator, filter and voltage-controlled oscillator
34 7,525,335 Display element and inspecting method of the same
35 7,525,154 Semiconductor substrate, manufacturing method therefor, and semiconductor device
36 7,525,144 Insulating film and semiconductor device
37 7,525,142 Semiconductor device including a conductive layer buried in an opening and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,525,133 Trench-gate MOS transistor composed of multiple conductors
39 7,525,132 Semiconductor integrated circuit wiring design method and semiconductor integrated circuit
40 7,525,127 Semiconductor light emitting device
41 7,525,096 Miniature camera module with lens containing image sensor
42 7,524,758 Interconnect structure and method for semiconductor device
43 7,524,618 Resist pattern forming method, semiconductor apparatus using said method, and exposure apparatus thereof
44 7,524,573 Fuel cell having inner and outer periphery seal members
45 7,524,557 Highly heat conductive insulating member, method of manufacturing the same and electromagnetic device
46 7,524,428 Display device and method of manufacturing transparent substrate for display device
47 7,524,108 Thermal sensing circuits using bandgap voltage reference generators without trimming circuitry