Toshiba patents granted on 28 July 2009

17 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,568,112 Data access control method for tamper resistant microprocessor using cache memory
2 7,568,094 Content providing system, user system, tracing system, apparatus, method, and program
3 7,567,772 Color printer apparatus
4 7,567,767 Image forming apparatus and image forming process controlling method
5 7,567,763 Image forming apparatus and image forming method capable of detecting a resistance value of an intermediate transferring member
6 7,567,463 Sense amplifier circuit in multi-level non-volatile semiconductor memory comprising a boosting capacitor for boosting the potential at sense node
7 7,567,441 Electronic equipment
8 7,567,245 Information processing device and display brightness control method
9 7,567,189 Variable length code decoding apparatus and variable length code decoding method
10 7,567,082 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
11 7,567,018 Micro-mechanical device, micro-switch, variable capacitor high frequency circuit and optical switch
12 7,566,933 Trench-gate semiconductor device and manufacturing method of trench-gate semiconductor device
13 7,566,926 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
14 7,566,515 Flat non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
15 7,566,305 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
16 7,566,214 Die clamping unit and die clamping method
17 D597,043 Television set