Toshiba patents granted on 28 March 2006

42 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,020,824 Information data multiplex transmission system, its multiplexer and demultiplexer, and error correction encoder and decoder
2 7,020,749 Signal processor, prefetch instruction method and prefetch instruction program
3 7,020,694 Scheme for managing nodes connected to a home network according to their physical locations
4 7,020,486 Portable communication terminal
5 7,020,467 Communication apparatus and control method therefor
6 7,020,426 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
7 7,020,413 Large capacity paper feeding apparatus with a mounting device that allows movement of a caster
8 7,020,323 Pattern defect inspection apparatus and method
9 7,020,321 Pattern data converting method and apparatus
10 7,020,245 Multileaf collimator
11 7,020,192 Method of retrieving video picture and apparatus therefor
12 7,020,122 CDMA system mobile radio terminal equipment
13 7,020,120 Mobile IP communication scheme using dynamic address allocation protocol
14 7,020,100 Hyperframe synchronization processing apparatus and hyperframe synchronization method
15 7,020,025 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
16 7,019,968 Cooling apparatus having an electronic fan for cooling an electronic apparatus
17 7,019,939 Apparatus and method for positioning head at target position on disk
18 7,019,936 Method and apparatus for head positioning control in perpendicular magnetic recording of disk drive
19 7,019,735 Pumping circuit and flat panel display device
20 7,019,575 Mixing prevention circuit for preventing mixing of semiconductor chips and semiconductor chip discrimination method
21 7,019,572 Systems and methods for initializing PLLs and measuring VCO characteristics
22 7,019,398 Semiconductor device
23 7,019,392 Storage apparatus, card type storage apparatus, and electronic apparatus
24 7,019,380 Semiconductor device
25 7,019,365 Semiconductor device formed in semiconductor layer arranged on substrate with one of insulating film and cavity interposed between the substrate and the semiconductor layer
26 7,019,364 Semiconductor substrate having pillars within a closed empty space
27 7,019,361 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
28 7,019,355 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and a fabrication method thereof
29 7,019,349 Semiconductor memory device with cap structure and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,019,333 Photon source
31 7,018,932 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
32 7,018,904 Semiconductor chip having multiple functional blocks integrated in a single chip and method for fabricating the same
33 7,018,759 Developing agent
34 7,018,552 Method of manufacturing electronic device
35 7,018,481 Substrate treating method, substrate-processing apparatus, developing method, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and method of cleaning a developing solution nozzle
36 7,018,116 Armature, wire dot printer head and wire dot printer
37 7,018,013 Ink jet head and ink jet printer capable of preventing variation of a volume of an ink droplet due to cross talk
38 7,017,902 Sheet processing apparatus capable of processing conveying jam and method thereof
39 7,017,714 Double deck elevator
40 7,017,649 Die casting machine and casting method
41 7,017,377 Washing machine with vector control for drive motor
42 RE39,037 Thickness detecting caliper for sheet material having elastic arms with printed coils