Toshiba patents granted on 28 October 2008

41 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D579,485 Collating machine for an electronic copying machine
2 7,444,614 Computer-readable recording medium storing semiconductor designing program for improving both integration and connection of via-contact and metal
3 7,444,602 Method of generating ASIC design database
4 7,444,600 System and method for circuit noise analysis
5 7,444,555 Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus for transmission/storage of information using synchronization code
6 7,444,553 Tracer, tracer embedded processor, and method for operating the tracer
7 7,444,525 Methods and apparatus for reducing leakage current in a disabled SOI circuit
8 7,444,492 Processor, virtual memory system, and virtual storing method
9 7,444,480 Processor, memory device, computer system, and method for transferring data
10 7,444,175 Foldable mobile terminal with antennas and a selector selecting a diversity transceiving system based on folding-out or folding-in terminal
11 7,444,111 Apparatus for forming images, method of managing loading of paper feed cassette in image forming apparatus, and copying machine
12 7,444,106 Fixing member by heating and fixing device in image forming apparatus
13 7,444,089 Image forming apparatus, toner cartridge and method to detect toner level
14 7,443,999 Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method, and digital watermark analysis apparatus, method and program
15 7,443,983 Communication apparatus and method
16 7,443,978 Method and apparatus for audio coding with noise suppression
17 7,443,955 X-ray diagnosis apparatus and method for obtaining an X-ray image
18 7,443,829 Uplink interference cancellation
19 7,443,817 Automatic wireless connection selection
20 7,443,734 Semiconductor memory device with a voltage generating circuit which generates a plurality of voltages using a small number of items of data
21 7,443,724 Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
22 7,443,709 Temperature sensing circuit, voltage generation circuit, and semiconductor storage device
23 7,443,703 Semiconductor device
24 7,443,626 Patterned disk medium for vertical magnetic recording, and magnetic disk drive with the medium
25 7,443,557 Optical beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
26 7,443,532 Network scanner system
27 7,443,526 Multi-function image processing apparatus and method
28 7,443,468 Liquid crystal display device
29 7,443,467 Liquid crystal display device provided with pigmented layers in a pixel
30 7,443,449 Information display apparatus, information display method and program therefor
31 7,443,415 Optical beam scanning device and image forming apparatus having window for polygon mirror cover
32 7,443,351 Portable terminal
33 7,443,270 Film bulk acoustic resonator, filter circuit and method for manufacturing a film bulk acoustic resonator
34 7,443,126 Controller for synchronous machine
35 7,443,092 Fluorescent lamp including a multi-ringed bulb
36 7,443,004 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
37 7,442,985 Semiconductor memory device having memory cell section and peripheral circuit section and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,442,978 Semiconductor memory device including multi-layer gate structure
39 7,442,625 Apparatus for annealing, method for annealing, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
40 7,442,363 Hydrogen iodide manufacturing method and hydrogen iodide manufacturing apparatus
41 7,441,964 Optical guide holding member and optical module