Toshiba patents granted on 29 April 2008

28 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,366,785 Communication control apparatus, communication control method and communication control program product
2 7,366,433 Image forming apparatus that prints on the basis of the recording sheet size
3 7,366,403 Recording apparatus, data managing apparatus and data managing method
4 7,366,401 Video summary play apparatus and method
5 7,366,170 Communication connection method, authentication method, server computer, client computer and program
6 7,366,129 Communication node for enabling interworking of network using request/response based data transfer and network using non-request/response based data transfer
7 7,366,076 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
8 7,366,070 Storage medium including a burst cutting area (BCA)
9 7,366,044 Systems and methods for data transfers between memory cells
10 7,366,042 Defective column(s) in a memory device/card is/are skipped while serial data programming is performed
11 7,366,018 Semiconductor memory device capable of setting a negative threshold voltage
12 7,365,880 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
13 7,365,830 Wafer flatness evaluation method, wafer flatness evaluation apparatus carrying out the evaluation method, wafer manufacturing method using the evaluation method, wafer quality assurance method using the evaluation method, semiconductor device manufacturing method using the evaluation method and semiconductor device manufacturing method using a wafer evaluated by the evaluation method
14 7,365,636 RFID tag device, tag identification device and radio communication system
15 7,365,555 Semiconductor device, method for testing the same and IC card
16 7,365,543 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
17 7,365,541 MRI apparatus which automatically determines and displays operating instructions
18 7,365,377 Semiconductor integrated circuit device using four-terminal transistors
19 7,365,362 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device using oxidation
20 7,364,982 Process for preparing a bonding type semiconductor substrate
21 7,364,972 Semiconductor device
22 7,364,951 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
23 7,364,950 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
24 7,364,839 Method for forming a pattern and substrate-processing apparatus
25 7,364,811 Fuel Cell
26 7,364,667 Slurry for CMP and CMP method
27 7,364,369 Lead frame, optical coupling part using lead frame, and manufacturing method of optical coupling part
28 7,364,149 Sheet finishing apparatus