Toshiba patents granted on 29 August 2006

44 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,100,158 Program management apparatus, program management system, and program management method
2 7,100,146 Design system of alignment marks for semiconductor manufacture
3 7,100,045 System, method, and program for ensuring originality
4 7,099,894 Multimedia information collection control apparatus and method
5 7,099,819 Text information analysis apparatus and method
6 7,099,783 Semiconductor integrated circuit, design support apparatus, and test method
7 7,099,691 Mobile radio terminal apparatus
8 7,099,615 Image forming apparatus with guide member guiding image forming medium
9 7,099,563 Multichannel recording device and method
10 7,099,508 Document identification device, document definition method and document identification method
11 7,099,493 Digital watermark detecting device and method thereof
12 7,099,217 Semiconductor memory with sense amplifier equalizer having transistors with gate oxide films of different thicknesses
13 7,099,210 Semiconductor memory device having memory cells with floating gates and memory cell threshold voltage control method
14 7,099,200 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
15 7,099,193 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, electronic card and electronic apparatus
16 7,099,191 Channel erase type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and electronic card and electronic apparatus using the device
17 7,099,190 Data storage system
18 7,099,182 Static random access memory and pseudo-static noise margin measuring method
19 7,099,178 Ferromagnetic random access memory
20 7,099,104 Method for servo writing and disk drive with servo control system
21 7,099,044 Color image processing apparatus and method and color image forming apparatus and method
22 7,099,031 Printing system using a network comprising a server and a plurality of printing terminals connected by the network
23 7,099,030 Image communications system
24 7,098,975 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,098,959 Frame interpolation and apparatus using frame interpolation
26 7,098,948 Digital camera accommodating different portable recording media and control method thereof
27 7,098,928 Code processing circuit
28 7,098,882 Bidirectional shift register shifting pulse in both forward and backward directions
29 7,098,737 Variable inductor, oscillator including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this oscillator, and amplifier including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this amplifier
30 7,098,713 Delay circuit having function of filter circuit
31 7,098,704 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
32 7,098,681 Semiconductor device, method for testing the same and IC card
33 7,098,497 Semiconductor device using high-dielectric-constant material and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,098,457 Electron beam apparatus and device manufacturing method using same
35 7,098,146 Semiconductor device having patterned SOI structure and method for fabricating the same
36 7,098,120 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
37 7,098,115 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,097,960 Alkaline solution and manufacturing method, and alkaline solution applied to pattern forming method, resist film removing method, solution application method, substrate treatment method, solution supply method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
39 7,097,946 Photomask, method of manufacturing a photomask, and method of manufacturing an electronic product
40 7,097,808 Automatic analyzer
41 7,097,784 Etching method and apparatus for semiconductor wafers
42 7,097,781 Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
43 7,097,751 Base sequence detecting electrode, base sequence detecting device and base sequence detecting method
44 7,096,548 Manufacturing method of integrated capacitor