Toshiba patents granted on 29 June 2010

52 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D618,827 Light emitting diode module
2 D618,721 Coupling for toner cartridge
3 D618,720 Coupling for toner cartridge
4 D618,463 Image display apparatus
5 7,747,905 Maintenance system, method of controlling maintenance system, server, record medium in which program used for server is recorded, computer and record medium in which program used for computer is recorded
6 7,747,885 Electronic device with serial ATA interface and power saving method for serial ATA buses
7 7,747,871 Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information distribution system
8 7,747,753 Network interconnection apparatus, network node apparatus, and packet transfer method for high speed, large capacity inter-network communication
9 7,747,212 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
10 7,747,194 Toner supply device and image forming apparatus
11 7,747,188 Image forming apparatus and secondary transfer roller cleaning method of the image forming apparatus
12 7,747,185 Image forming apparatus which displays a setting screen
13 7,747,116 Flexible optoelectric interconnect and method for manufacturing same
14 7,747,056 Image data area extracting system and image data area extracting method
15 7,746,982 Rotary anode X-ray tube
16 7,746,861 Communication apparatus and method
17 7,746,739 Writing power determining method and optical disc apparatus
18 7,746,707 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
19 7,746,685 Semiconductor memory device
20 7,746,601 Magneto-resistance effect element with a surface contacting with a side face of electrode having a magnetization direction
21 7,746,593 Method and apparatus for determining offset between read head and write head in a disk drive
22 7,746,587 Magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
23 7,746,500 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
24 7,746,497 System and method for data processing
25 7,746,437 Liquid crystal display
26 7,746,299 Display, array substrate, and method of driving display
27 7,746,269 DME ground apparatus
28 7,746,268 Mode S secondary surveillance radar
29 7,746,164 Voltage generating circuit
30 7,746,120 Voltage to current converter
31 7,746,082 Partial discharge detection device
32 7,746,014 Motor driving apparatus, brushless motor, and method for driving the same
33 7,745,977 Ultrasonic probe
34 7,745,961 Electronic device and method of accessing inside of electronic device
35 7,745,928 Heat dissipation plate and semiconductor device
36 7,745,894 Semiconductor memory device
37 7,745,888 Method of making p-channel and n-channel MIS transistors using single film formation of TaC
38 7,745,884 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
39 7,745,720 Thermoelectric material and thermoelectric device
40 7,745,326 Semiconductor device having multiple wiring layers and method of producing the same
41 7,745,318 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
42 7,745,203 Base sequence detection apparatus and base sequence automatic analyzing apparatus
43 7,745,073 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, stencil mask and method for manufacturing a the same
44 7,745,049 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery module
45 7,744,825 N-phase ozone generator
46 7,744,533 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method
47 7,744,445 Polishing apparatus and polishing method
48 7,744,277 C-arm holding apparatus and X-ray diagnostic apparatus
49 7,744,220 Deformable mirror device and apparatus for observing retina of eye using the same
50 7,744,074 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
51 7,744,073 Sheet finisher, image forming apparatus using the same, and sheet finishing method
52 7,744,006 Semiconductor device and memory card having the same