Toshiba patents granted on 29 September 2009

28 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D601,278 Light emitting diode lamp
2 7,596,776 Light intensity distribution simulation method and computer program product
3 7,596,496 Voice activity detection apparatus and method
4 7,596,421 Process control system, process control method, and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
5 7,596,263 Image transmitting apparatus, image receiving apparatus, and image transmission system
6 7,596,258 Image processor
7 7,596,048 Memory system and method of controlling the same
8 7,596,042 Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of chips and capability of outputting a busy signal
9 7,596,027 Semiconductor storage device having page copying function
10 7,596,020 Multi-level nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of discretely controlling a charge storage layer potential based upon accumulated electrons
11 7,596,015 Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
12 7,596,004 Switched-mode power supply system and speed variator comprising such a system
13 7,595,992 Substrate unit, cooling device, and electronic device
14 7,595,885 Process monitoring system, process monitoring method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
15 7,595,824 Signal processor, data processor, and solid state image sensor
16 7,595,797 Transforming a polygonized object into an implicit-function representation
17 7,595,793 Plain display apparatus, display control circuit and display control method, that divide plural signal lines in blocks
18 7,595,696 Power amplifier
19 7,595,684 Voltage generation circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
20 7,595,531 Semiconductor device
21 7,595,530 Power semiconductor device with epitaxially-filled trenches
22 7,595,522 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
23 7,595,481 Scanning optical system measuring device and scanning optical system measuring method
24 7,595,472 Optical head device
25 7,595,134 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, lithium-titanium composite oxide, battery pack and vehicle
26 7,595,121 Proton conductive polymer, catalyst composite, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell and fuel cell
27 7,594,938 Enclosed nickel-zinc primary battery, its anode and production methods for them
28 7,594,329 Heat insulation roller and manufacturing method thereof