Toshiba patents granted on 30 May 2006

47 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D521,952 Semiconductor device
2 7,055,096 Data integrate system and data integrate method
3 7,055,077 Systems and methods for circuit testing
4 7,055,061 Normal and standby modes for duplicated field apparatus control system
5 7,054,991 Method for controlling non-volatile semiconductor memory system
6 7,054,912 Data transfer scheme using caching technique for reducing network load
7 7,054,854 Structured document search method, structured document search apparatus and structured document search system
8 7,054,797 Apparatus for environmental impact estimation and method and program stored in a computer readable medium for executing the same
9 7,054,783 Rotational speed detector with ripple compensation
10 7,054,697 Recording medium and reproducing apparatus for quantized data
11 7,054,545 Recording, edit, and playback methods of audio information, and information storage medium
12 7,054,543 Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
13 7,054,514 Optical waveguide sensor, device, system and method for glucose measurement
14 7,054,495 Image data coding and/or decoding system capable of high-efficient coding
15 7,054,490 Image processing apparatus and image processing system
16 7,054,406 X-ray CT apparatus and method of measuring CT values
17 7,054,364 Moving picture encoding apparatus and moving picture encoding method
18 7,054,247 Information storage medium with wobbled groove having wobble period based on multi-frequency shift keying
19 7,054,209 Semiconductor memory device and test method thereof
20 7,054,195 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
21 7,054,189 Magnetic random access memory
22 7,054,188 Magnetic memory device
23 7,054,187 Magnetic memory
24 7,054,186 Magnetic random access memory
25 7,054,173 Circuit with DC filter having a link fuse serially connected between a pair of capacitors
26 7,054,145 Mechanism for adjusting a display
27 7,054,087 Magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
28 7,054,040 Image processing device and method for controlling the same
29 7,054,036 Image processing method and image forming apparatus
30 7,053,876 Flat panel display device having digital memory provided in each pixel
31 7,053,703 Operational amplifier circuit, sample/hold circuit and filter circuit using the operational amplifier circuit
32 7,053,696 Semiconductor device with resistor element
33 7,053,668 SOI sense amplifier with cross-coupled body terminal
34 7,053,554 Bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp and illumination device
35 7,053,456 Electronic component having micro-electrical mechanical system
36 7,053,455 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
37 7,053,431 Phase-change memory device using chalcogenide compound as the material of memory cells
38 7,053,382 X-ray image tube, X-ray image tube device and X-ray device
39 7,053,380 X-ray detector and method for producing X-ray detector
40 7,053,326 Integrated type gas-insulated switching apparatus
41 7,052,971 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
42 7,052,620 Polishing slurry for aluminum-based metal, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
43 7,052,353 Method of forming a phosphor screen and an image display unit containing the phosphor screen
44 7,052,219 Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
45 7,052,193 Scratch card printer and method of printing information on a scratch card
46 7,052,017 Rotary machine with seal
47 7,052,008 Overlapped-sheet detection apparatus