Toshiba patents granted on 30 November 2010

53 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE41,975 Interconnector line of thin film, sputter target for forming the wiring film and electronic component using the same
2 RE41,969 Multi-state EEPROM having write-verify control circuit
3 D628,334 Streetlight
4 D628,322 Light emitting diode lamp
5 D628,321 Light emitting diode lamp
6 D628,320 Light emitting diode lamp
7 D628,319 Light emitting diode lamp
8 D628,318 Light emitting diode lamp
9 D628,317 Light emitting diode lamp
10 D628,316 Light emitting diode lamp
11 D628,315 Light emitting diode lamp
12 D628,314 Light emitting diode lamp
13 D628,312 Light emitting diode lamp
14 D628,294 Scanner for X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus with a nuclear medical diagnostic imaging apparatus
15 D628,174 Television set
16 7,844,934 Method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit layout capable of reducing the processing time for optical proximity effect correction
17 7,844,921 Interface apparatus and interface method
18 7,844,850 Broadcast/VOD receiver and viewing management method
19 7,844,830 Information processing apparatus and audio output method
20 7,844,754 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
21 7,844,452 Sound quality control apparatus, sound quality control method, and sound quality control program
22 7,844,447 Method and apparatus for training bilingual word alignment model, method and apparatus for bilingual word alignment
23 7,844,433 System, method and program for designing a utility facility and method for manufacturing a product by the utility facility
24 7,844,296 Video mobile terminal
25 7,844,029 X-ray diagnostic apparatus
26 7,843,996 Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation prediction
27 7,843,867 Collaborative communication for wireless local area networks
28 7,843,764 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
29 7,843,740 Method for driving a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
30 7,843,728 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
31 7,843,724 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and data reading method
32 7,843,723 Semiconductor memory device capable of reading data reliably
33 7,843,709 Rectifier circuit and radio communication device using the same
34 7,843,703 Multilayer printed circuit board
35 7,843,669 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
36 7,843,659 Head IC, read circuit, media storage device and amplifier gain adjustment method for head IC
37 7,843,613 System and method for automated processing of consecutively scanned document processing jobs
38 7,843,603 Image processing apparatus
39 7,843,194 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
40 7,843,128 Organic electroluminescent element
41 7,843,089 Semiconductor device
42 7,842,998 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
43 7,842,996 Memory cell of nonvolatile semiconductor memory
44 7,842,993 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device suppressing fluctuation in threshold voltage
45 7,842,982 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
46 7,842,564 Semiconductor memory device manufacturing method and semiconductor memory device
47 7,842,557 Nonvolatile storage device and method of manufacturing the same, and storage device and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,842,518 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
49 7,842,191 CMP slurry for metallic film, polishing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
50 7,841,838 Rotary closed type compressor and refrigerating cycle apparatus
51 7,841,791 Keyboard, lighting module for keyboard and electronic apparatus
52 7,841,762 Liquid mixing apparatus and method of liquid mixing
53 7,841,451 Non-contact running type elevator