Toshiba patents granted on 30 October 2007

35 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,290,225 Method for compressing semiconductor integrated circuit, using design region divided into plural blocks
2 7,290,074 Back-off timing mechanism
3 7,289,963 Sound-reproducing apparatus and high frequency interpolation-processing method
4 7,289,834 Antenna signal processing systems
5 7,289,832 Mobile station used for CDMA mobile communication systems
6 7,289,723 Digital recording system using variable recording rate
7 7,289,719 Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
8 7,289,420 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
9 7,289,419 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
10 7,289,414 Optical disk, optical disk recording method and optical disk apparatus
11 7,289,375 Data holding circuit
12 7,289,365 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in which write and erase threshold voltages are set at levels symmetrical about neutral threshold voltage of cell transistor
13 7,289,305 Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
14 7,289,298 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
15 7,289,293 Perpendicular recording magnetic disk apparatus
16 7,289,249 Image scanner for use in image forming apparatus
17 7,289,232 Dimension measurement method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, dimension measurement apparatus and measurement mark
18 7,289,185 Method of manufacturing a display including chemically polishing, dividing and mechanically polishing a substrate
19 7,289,166 Information processing apparatus and method of displaying remaining battery capacity of the information processing apparatus
20 7,289,153 Scanning type image pick-up apparatus and a scanning type laser beam receive apparatus
21 7,289,067 Wireless tag gate reader
22 7,288,795 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the device
23 7,288,470 Semiconductor device comprising buried channel region and method for manufacturing the same
24 7,288,466 Processing method, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, and processing apparatus
25 7,288,221 Mold clamping apparatus, molding machine and mold clamping method
26 7,288,069 Ultrasonic probe and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,287,972 Mold clamping apparatus and molding machine
28 7,287,624 Double deck elevator
29 D554,265 Portion of a monitor for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
30 D554,258 Controller for X-ray apparatus for medical treatment
31 D554,257 Flatness detector of an x-ray apparatus for medical treatment
32 D554,179 Data communication antenna for electronic copying machine
33 D554,173 Projector
34 D554,119 USB flash memory
35 D554,084 Portion of a semiconductor apparatus mounting-position accuracy measurement jig