Toshiba patents granted on 31 August 2010

54 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D622,876 Light emitting diode module
2 7,788,672 System for controlling assignment of a plurality of modules of a program to available execution units based on speculative executing and granularity adjusting
3 7,788,626 Pattern data correction method, pattern checking method, pattern check program, photo mask producing method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
4 7,788,574 Error correcting processing device and error correcting processing method
5 7,788,208 Behavior prediction apparatus and method therefor
6 7,788,105 Method and apparatus for coding or decoding wideband speech
7 7,787,828 Radio communication system, radio transmission apparatus and radio reception apparatus
8 7,787,809 Image forming apparatus, transfer unit thereof, and method of shifting transfer rollers thereof
9 7,787,796 Power saving system for image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus operable in power saving modes
10 7,787,790 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 7,787,789 Fixing device for image forming apparatus
12 7,787,786 Image forming apparatus and image adjusting method involving fluctuation-information acquiring unit and control unit that forms gradation pattern
13 7,787,783 Image forming apparatus with temperature control
14 7,787,780 Optical signal receiving circuit
15 7,787,687 Pattern shape evaluation apparatus, pattern shape evaluation method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and program
16 7,787,623 Key generating apparatus, program, and method
17 7,787,341 Optical disk device and method for determining disk type
18 7,787,339 Reproducing position control circuit and reproducing system
19 7,787,320 Sense amplifier
20 7,787,296 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having protection function for each memory block
21 7,787,293 Semiconductor memory device
22 7,787,288 Magnetic memory element, magnetic memory having said magnetic memory element, and method for driving magnetic memory
23 7,787,277 Semiconductor memory device capable of realizing a chip with high operation reliability and high yield
24 7,787,207 Head control method, control device, and storage device
25 7,787,200 Disk-device correcting system, information managing device, master-disk producing device, and master-disk producing method
26 7,787,141 System and method for detecting errors in electronic document workflow
27 7,787,136 Printer
28 7,787,051 Video display apparatus and video display method
29 7,787,049 Image processing system and method, and image display system
30 7,787,047 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
31 7,787,008 Three-dimensional image display device
32 7,786,969 Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same
33 7,786,953 Apparatus displaying three-dimensional image
34 7,786,924 DVOR apparatus and sideband antenna fault detecting method
35 7,786,728 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
36 7,786,665 Organic electroluminescent device having a diffraction grating for enhancing light extraction efficiency
37 7,786,589 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
38 7,786,538 Semiconductor device having a nickel silicide layer on a single crystal silicon layer
39 7,786,525 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
40 7,786,524 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
41 7,786,523 Capacitor of dynamic random access memory and method of manufacturing the capacitor
42 7,786,478 Semiconductor integrated circuit having terminal for measuring bump connection resistance and semiconductor device provided with the same
43 7,786,013 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
44 7,786,004 Method of treating an exposed conductive film prior to forming a silicide
45 7,785,984 Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
46 7,785,954 Semiconductor memory integrated circuit and its manufacturing method
47 7,785,926 Method of manufacturing stack-type semiconductor device and method of manufacturing stack-type electronic component
48 7,785,755 Exposure system, exposure method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
49 7,785,745 Fuel cell apparatus
50 7,785,662 Method for manufacturing magnetoresistive element
51 7,785,542 Hydrogen iodide manufacturing method and hydrogen iodide manufacturing apparatus
52 7,784,777 Sheet loader, sheet folding apparatus, and sheet finishing system
53 7,784,279 Steam valve and steam turbine plant
54 7,784,246 Sheet processing apparatus and electromagnetic locking method of stacking device