Toshiba patents granted on 31 May 2016

55 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D757,849 Barcode printer
2 D757,848 Barcode printer
3 9,357,644 Joined structural body of members, joining method of members, and package for containing an electronic component
4 9,357,643 Ceramic/copper circuit board and semiconductor device
5 9,357,192 Video sender and video receiver
6 9,357,191 Image processor, image processing method, and image projector
7 9,357,157 Video transferring system, video transmission apparatus, video reception apparatus and video transferring method
8 9,357,087 Providing scan exclusivity to a mobile device
9 9,356,780 Device, method, and system for encrypted communication by using encryption key
10 9,356,736 Portable electronic device and IC card processing device
11 9,356,530 DC-DC converter and semiconductor integrated circuit
12 9,356,469 Storage battery device and storage battery system
13 9,356,111 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
14 9,356,101 Polycrystalline aluminum nitride base material for crystal growth of GaN-base semiconductor and method for manufacturing GaN-base semiconductor using the same
15 9,356,042 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
16 9,355,925 Photocoupler
17 9,355,908 Semiconductor pillar transistors having channels with different crystal orientations
18 9,355,900 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
19 9,355,855 Plasma etching apparatus component and manufacturing method for the same
20 9,355,846 Non-uniform silicon dioxide and air gap for separating memory cells
21 9,355,812 Processing apparatus and processing method
22 9,355,809 Ion source
23 9,355,745 BIST circuit
24 9,355,740 Semiconductor nonvolatile memory device with one-time programmable memories
25 9,355,737 Semiconductor memory device
26 9,355,731 Semiconductor memory device and data erasing method
27 9,355,722 Method of writing data of a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including setting and removing operations
28 9,355,714 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
29 9,355,702 Semiconductor memory device and driving method of the same
30 9,355,685 Multi-chip package and memory system
31 9,355,659 Microwave assisted magnetic recording head and magnetic recording device having the same
32 9,355,658 Magnetic head and magnetic disk device
33 9,355,395 POS terminal apparatus and commodity specification method
34 9,355,283 Integration circuit
35 9,355,045 Memory device for converting data received from controller controlling reading and writing of data
36 9,354,923 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
37 9,354,859 Efficiently updating multiple devices on a private network
38 9,354,818 Memory device and data storing method
39 9,354,817 Disk storage apparatus and data storage method
40 9,354,660 Electronic device
41 9,354,539 Image forming apparatus with holding unit for charging electrode
42 9,354,532 Method of producing electrophotographic toner, toner cartridge, and image forming apparatus
43 9,354,527 Overlay displacement amount measuring method, positional displacement amount measuring method and positional displacement amount measuring apparatus
44 9,354,331 X-ray computed tomography apparatus and radiation detector
45 9,354,313 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method for acquiring ultrasound data
46 9,354,258 Current detection device and electricity meter
47 9,353,927 Lighting apparatus
48 9,353,650 Steam turbine plant and driving method thereof, including superheater, reheater, high-pressure turbine, intermediate-pressure turbine, low-pressure turbine, condenser, high-pressure turbine bypass pipe, low-pressure turbine bypass pipe, and branch pipe
49 9,353,452 Method of separating and recovering metals and system for separating and recovering metals
50 9,353,310 Luminous material using fluorescence amorphous solid
51 9,352,939 Crane operation assistance system
52 9,352,937 Escalator step and escalator having thereof
53 9,352,582 Color erasing apparatus and method for erasing select colors
54 9,352,581 Decoloring apparatus for reading sheet after decoloring image
55 9,351,694 Cooler, X-ray computed tomography apparatus, and maintenance method of X-ray computed tomography apparatus