Yahoo patents granted on 02 July 2013

10 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,478,899 Managing communications with global applications through message handlers
2 8,478,792 Systems and methods for presenting information based on publisher-selected labels
3 8,478,737 Segmentation of search topics in query logs
4 8,478,701 Locating a user based on aggregated tweet content associated with a location
5 8,478,697 Determining whether to provide an advertisement to a user of a social network
6 8,478,254 System and method for profile filtered advertisements
7 8,478,247 System and method for portable profiles
8 8,478,000 Mobile imaging device as navigator
9 8,477,664 Communication platform and method for packet communication between a service provider and a radio communication device
10 8,475,249 Fantasy sport auction draft application roster preview grid