Yahoo patents granted on 02 November 2010

8 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Yahoo

1 7,827,523 Query serving infrastructure providing flexible and expandable support and compiling instructions
2 7,827,503 Automatically generating a search result in a separate window for a displayed symbol that is selected with a drag and drop control
3 7,827,184 System and method for modeling user selection feedback in a search result page
4 7,827,172 “Query-log match” relevance features
5 7,827,166 Handling dynamic URLs in crawl for better coverage of unique content
6 7,827,004 System and method of identifying and measuring response to user interface design
7 7,826,965 Systems and methods for determining a relevance rank for a point of interest
8 7,826,657 Automatically generating a content-based quality metric for digital images