Yahoo patents granted on 03 June 2014

12 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,745,183 System and method for adaptively refreshing a web page
2 8,745,162 Method and system for presenting information with multiple views
3 8,745,141 Calendar event, notification and alert bar embedded within mail
4 8,745,133 System and method for optimizing the storage of data
5 8,745,081 Personalization of news articles based on news sources
6 8,745,060 Indexing and searching content behind links presented in a communication
7 8,745,044 Generating descriptions of matching resources based on the kind, quality, and relevance of available sources of information about the matching resources
8 8,744,990 Rule based, proactive web browsing
9 8,744,978 Presenting search results based on user-customizable criteria
10 8,744,976 Discovery of friends using social network graph properties
11 8,744,883 System and method for labeling a content item based on a posterior probability distribution
12 8,744,143 Adding privacy protection to photo uploading/ tagging in social networks