Yahoo patents granted on 05 October 2010

9 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to Yahoo

1 7,809,824 Classification and cluster analysis spam detection and reduction
2 7,809,773 Comment filters for real-time multimedia broadcast sessions
3 7,809,745 Method for generating structured query results using lexical clustering
4 7,809,740 Model for generating user profiles in a behavioral targeting system
5 7,809,735 Infrastructure for more efficient processing to generate of ad-hoc reports
6 7,809,731 System and method for reordering a result set copyright notice
7 7,809,715 Abbreviation handling in web search
8 7,809,705 System and method for determining web page quality using collective inference based on local and global information
9 7,809,664 Automated learning from a question and answering network of humans