Yahoo patents granted on 07 December 2010

16 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Yahoo

1 7,849,318 Method for session security
2 7,849,207 Method and system for managing digital content, including streaming media
3 7,849,199 Content router
4 7,849,152 Method and system for controlling and monitoring a web-cast
5 7,849,146 Identifying IP addresses for spammers
6 7,849,128 Method for the real-time distribution of streaming data on a network
7 7,849,092 System and method for identifying similar media objects
8 7,849,080 System for generating query suggestions by integrating valuable query suggestions with experimental query suggestions using a network of users and advertisers
9 7,849,076 Learning ranking functions incorporating isotonic regression for information retrieval and ranking
10 7,849,071 Geographical location extraction
11 7,849,070 System and method for dynamically ranking items of audio content
12 7,849,063 Systems and methods for indexing content for fast and scalable retrieval
13 7,849,051 Extraction of logical events from network data
14 7,849,027 Automated clustering of records, biased by supervised classification processing
15 7,848,764 System for providing location predictive advertising
16 7,848,233 Method and a communication platform for packet communication between a service provider in a first network and a radio communication device in a second network