Yahoo patents granted on 15 June 2010

9 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Yahoo

1 7,739,723 Media engine user interface for managing media
2 7,739,708 System and method for revenue based advertisement placement
3 7,739,596 Method and system for displaying contextual advertisements with media
4 7,739,304 Context-based community-driven suggestions for media annotation
5 7,739,275 System and method for selecting object metadata evolving over time
6 7,739,266 System and method for associating a geographic location with an internet protocol address
7 7,739,264 System and method for generating substitutable queries on the basis of one or more features
8 7,739,229 Exporting aggregated and un-aggregated data
9 7,739,142 System and method for providing automobile marketing research information