Yahoo patents granted on 16 August 2011

10 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,001,139 Using a bipartite graph to model and derive image and text associations
2 8,001,117 Efficient online computation of diverse query results
3 8,001,113 Query string matching method and apparatus
4 8,001,111 Trail-based exploration of a repository of documents
5 8,001,106 Systems and methods for tokenizing and interpreting uniform resource locators
6 8,001,103 Displaying paid search listings in proportion to advertiser spending
7 8,001,102 Integration of instant messaging with internet searching
8 8,001,056 Progressive capture of prospect information for user profiles
9 8,001,001 System and method using sampling for allocating web page placements in online publishing of content
10 8,000,999 Method and system for creating, serving and tracking advertisements