Yahoo patents granted on 17 July 2012

8 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,224,889 Moderated syndication data feed
2 8,224,788 System and method for bookmarking and auto-tagging a content item based on file type
3 8,224,696 Automated reward management for network-based contests
4 8,224,692 System and method for pricing of overlapping impression pools of online advertisement impressions for advertising demand
5 8,224,359 Provisioning my status information to others in my social network
6 8,224,308 Mobile device catalog registration based on user agents and customer snapshots of capabilities
7 8,224,297 Advertising information providing method and advertising information providing system
8 8,223,747 Predictive communication routing scheme using instant messaging preferences and/or settings for routing packet traffic for voice, video and other multimedia communications