Yahoo patents granted on 25 October 2011

16 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,046,681 Techniques for inducing high quality structural templates for electronic documents
2 8,046,678 Employing partial evaluation to provide a page
3 8,046,675 Method of creating graph structure from time-series of attention data
4 8,046,438 System and method of restoring data and context of client applications stored on the web
5 8,046,437 System and method of storing data and context of client application on the web
6 8,046,436 System and method of providing context information for client application data stored on the web
7 8,046,411 Multimedia sharing in social networks for mobile devices
8 8,046,361 System and method for classifying tags of content using a hyperlinked corpus of classified web pages
9 8,046,360 Reduction of annotations to extract structured web data
10 8,046,347 Method and apparatus for reconstructing a search query
11 8,046,317 System and method of feature selection for text classification using subspace sampling
12 8,046,248 Identifying items that have experienced recent interest bursts
13 8,045,995 Centralized location broker
14 8,045,802 End of program pattern detector
15 8,045,695 System for determining active copresence of users during interactions
16 8,045,482 Location tracking based on proximity-based ad hoc network